Dog Days of Summer in Mahahual

Dog days in Mahahual now, malecon deserted.

Dog days in Mahahual now, malecon deserted.

Well vacation time is over for us here in Mahahual.  All the Mexican National tourists have stopped coming because school has started back.  We don’t get any other tourists much this time of year, because it is prime hurricane season.  From around August 15 until October 1 is my least favorite time to be in Mahahual.  You have a hurricane watch almost every week, and the town is almost deserted.  It is also very hot this time of year, and the trade winds stop, so not much of a Caribbean breeze.

So these are the “dog days’ here.  Everybody is out of money that they saved during high season, and just try to hang on until high season.  There are a lot tourists here in June and July, but not this time of year.  We get some weekend tourist business from Chetumal, but that is about it.  Even the European hippie backpacker tourists have left.  The town during the week is almost deserted, save for a cruise ship one day a week.  Even the cruise ship tourists don’t even go to town much.  Last Thursday we had a ship here, and there were almost hardly any tourists in town from the ship.  It was one of the slowest days with a ship I have seen.

Everybody is broke in town, and I can’t even collect from advertisers that owe me money, so times are hard here for everybody it seems.  You just have to bear down and try to survive.  Even all the local expats who live here, are in the USA and Canada, so it is just me and a couple other expats in town.  I used to stay in Playa del Carmen during this time of the year just to have something to do, but I can’t do that anymore.  I would stay in Playa at a friend’s condo and hang out by the pool all day and read or whatever.  I then would walk around and walk the dog, and things like that at night, just to be around people.

Yesterday I rode my bike around town, nothing, hardly anybody around the casitas or the malecon.  If you like to vacation and have the whole town and the beach to yourself, now is the time to come to Mahahual.  Also like last Saturday, when they were people in town, it seems like a thunderstorm always springs up and washes the day out.

Yesterday it rained off and on, so I ended up watching the Olympics most of the day.  This week there is basically nothing to do until Thursday, when we get a cruise ship.  So I really do not have much to write about, and I have to be really creative to come up with something.

So today I am going to talk some business.  First of all, I may have an answer to all my moving around problems.  I may have access to a great two bedroom apartment on the malecon, right on the beach.   It is about to come up for rent, and I think I may have first option.  It has a balcony overlooking the malecon, and has two great big bedrooms, and a huge living area.  It is out of my price range, but I have been thinking, I may be able to rent one of the bedrooms to tourists or other expats.  It does not have air conditioning, but has a constant breeze, and fans.  It has a perfect location, right in the middle of Mahahual, around all the action.

My options are, do I put some bunk beds in one bedroom, and rent it out like a daily hostel, and keep the other bedroom to myself.  Or do I rent it out long-term by the month or week to tourists from the USA, or even expats.  I have even thought of renting it to people who read this blog who want to come down and experience expat life for themselves.  I could do a whole tour thing, show people around, hang out, stuff like that. So if anybody is interested in coming down and staying in the apartment, let me know.  If you have any other thoughts or ideas how I could use this place let me know.  I am still in the planning stages, so I have some time.

Second, even though it is slow here, this blog is gearing up again, and I am getting about 500 readers a day on the average.  This blog will get between 11,000 and 13,000 readers this month, and by the end of the year will top over 100,000 readers for this year.  I have been told by experts that those are great numbers for a place and community like Mahahual.  This blog also has a lot of regular and loyal readers, from all over the world.  It is also number one on Google and other search engines concerning most topics people search concerning Mahahual and Costa Maya.  So this blog has become the ultimate search guide for Mahahual on the internet.  Internet is the driving force behind doing business in Mahahual, I have learned from first hand experience.  If you do not have an internet presence in Mahahual and Costa Maya, you will not do much business.  From everything to tours, restaurants, hotels, and even rental property, the first thing people do is hit the internet to check out all the options.  When a cruise ship tourist realizes they are coming to Costa Maya, what is the first thing they do, they do an internet search.  After that they make their decision on what they want to do.  No internet presence here, no business.

Right now I am concentrating on getting some advertisers signed up for the next few months and high season.  So if you are interested in advertising or doing some promotions on this blog let me know.  This blog has great numbers, and a very loyal reading audience. I also have some advertisers getting good results here, I can provide referrals. I don’t care who you are or where your business is, I can work something out that fits your budget.  I have plenty of time now to sign up advertisers, and develop a marketing plan.  I can work it where the reader clicks, and goes right to your website off of the blog.

If you are interested, I can also provide you with numbers and statistics that this blog does, on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.  Also I am ready to deal now, and can put a good package together for you.  So if you want to advertise on this blog, get in touch with me.  Stewart Rogers at, or phone 983-134-6898.  Now is the time to advertise because I am getting a lot of searches concerning the upcoming high season.

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina





2 thoughts on “Dog Days of Summer in Mahahual

  1. Stewart, August through September being the dog days in Mahahual, is it going to hard to find restaurants that will be open. My wife and I, and 2 friends, will be there for a week in the middle of September for some scuba diving. (Namely, bucket list of Banco Chinchorro). I have to admit we didn’t look too hard into much else besides a place to stay, and a dive operator. I’ll trade Hormel chili for advice. (If I can get it on the plane, or at Chedraui’s in Tulum, on our way there, hahaha.)

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