Costa Maya-Mahahual, Mexico House for Sale by Owner $220,000 USD

Nancy and Allen expats here, have decided to sell their house here in Mahahual.  Nancy has had the book store in the Tropicante the last two or three years, and they have been in Mahahual for a while.  They have decided to sell their house here, and buy an RV and travel around the USA and Canada.  I don’t blame them, that is something I have always thought about doing.  So if you are looking for a nice house here in Mahahual, this one is now on the market.

Costa Maya-Mahahual, Mexico

House for Sale by Owner

Costa Maya Mahahual House for Sale by Owner
This prime piece of real estate, for sale by owner, is located in Mahahual, Quintana Roo, Mexico and is situated in the district known locally as the Casitas, (little houses), also known as Nuevo Mahahual near the Costa Maya cruise ship dock. This house is approximately 6 years old and has only had one owner, my wife Nancy and I. We moved into this house in January of 2011 and have done extensive remodeling and upgrading every since. The house is over 1,200 square foot with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, laundry room, living room, dining area, and a fabulous fully equipped kitchen. It also has a full patio covered with a recently refurbished palapa with a beautiful set of patio furniture and a large Weber gas grill. This house is currently the only house on this street and although it is not located on the ocean it is located within 10 minutes of public beaches.
Because it is not located right on the water many of the problems associated with saltwater corrosion and blowing sand are avoided. The house is completely paid for, all taxes are paid and current, and it has no encumbrances or liens.The reason we are selling the house is that after living in Mexico for over 18 years we have decided to follow one of my lifelong dreams of buying an RV and traveling the United States and Canada as camp hosts. Consequently the price includes 2 cars, a 25 ft. boat with an 85 hp Yamaha two-stroke engine, all furnishings, appliances, electronics, kitchen implements, and all types of woodworking, lawn and upkeep tools. This house is shown by appointment only and we can be contacted by email or telephone which are both listed on this page. Please feel free to click on the links that will open pages with more information, pictures, and details that make this Costa Maya real estate a true turnkey offering.

Cars and Boat

There are two cars included in the purchase price. The first car is a 2009 Dodge journey, 2WD, 2.4 liter engine with 112,623 kilometers which is approximately 67,574 miles. We purchased the car new in 2009. It is registered in Mexico and plated with Mexican license tags. The second car is a 1999 Chevy blazer, 4WD that is used primarily to tow and launch the boat. It has 123,489 miles. The four-wheel-drive is pushbutton automatic. Both cars have automatic transmissions. The boat is a 25 foot center console panga with an 85 hp Yamaha 2 stroke engine. Yamaha is the most popular boat engine in Mexico so parts are readily available.


We have made several improvements to the house since we moved in in 2011. The kitchen cabinets are brand-new with brand-new marble countertops. The sink is a double composite sink with fixtures that are less than six months old. The cabinet in the master bath is a brand-new. We have removed walls that separated the kitchen from the dining area which has opened up the total area. There are four ceiling fans in the living room and dining area, two in the kitchen area, one in each of the bedrooms, and one in the master bath. There are four mini splits. One in each bedroom, one in the living room and dining area, and one in the kitchen.


My wife has spent a considerable amount of time working on the lawn and gardens surrounding our house. When we purchased the house there was nothing but sand and rocks for a yard. The first thing we did was have the yards sodded. Over the years we have planted all types of ornamental shrubs and flowers. We’ve installed two large planters that we use to grow all types of fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes and melons. Directly in front of our house are the grounds for the hotel Costa Maya Inn. Consequently there will never be any houses built across the street from this house.

Info About House and Vehicles
USA 816-394-9554 
$220,000 USD
Thanks for reading,
Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

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