K’ay Kook Hotel, Mahahual, Mexican Caribbean

K'ay Kook hotel in Barrio 55.

K’ay Kook hotel in Barrio 55.

I am currently staying at the K’ay Kook hotel a nice little place in the 55 neighborhood, or Barrio 55, as some of us call it.  I stayed here also when I first got to Mahahual.  I stayed here for about two years, when I was working tours at the port.  It is a local hotel where a lot of people who work in tourism here in Mahahual live.

I like it because it has good reliable internet, which is hard to find at some of the hotels and places on the malecon sometimes.  It is also very safe and secure, and the rooms are clean.  The rooms are also kind of big and roomy, which I like also.  The hotel reminds me of some of the hacienda hotels like I stayed at in Merida, and other places in Mexico.  I have been through two hurricanes here at K’ay Kook, and I can tell you for a fact, this place is built solid.

The rooms have big bathrooms with hot water, comfortable beds, and furnished.  I have a table and chairs, so I can write my blog, which is about all I need.  Some of the rooms have air conditioning, and the rest that don’t have air conditioning, they have fans.  I have been living in a room without air conditioning during the hottest time of the year here lately, and just using a fan, and I have gotten by fine.  I have learned if you do good fan placement, you can stay comfortable with a nice breeze.  My room has cable TV, in Spanish of course, which a lot of the rooms have.

20160821_173813.jpg 20160821_174158.jpg 20160821_173919.jpg 20160821_174239.jpg 20160821_174144.jpg 20160821_174248.jpg

I think the hotel has about 20 to 25 rooms.  There are daily, weekly, and monthly rentals available.  The hotel also has a kitchen on the roof, and in fact, there is now a new bigger kitchen being installed at the moment.

1st floor.

1st floor.


2nd floor.

2nd floor.

Another thing I like about my room it is in the back, and it has great acoustics.  I like to play my music kind of loud when I am writing my blog here.  For some reason which I cannot explain or understand, I write better if I am listening to old country music.  Stuff like Willie and Waylon, Jerry Jeff Walker, Johnny Cash, Jimmy Buffet, gets my creative juices flowing.  Also I listen to old soul music, beach and shag music, and hits from the “70s” and “80s”, and for some reason it sounds real good with my little Dell speakers here.  My loud music does not seem to bother anybody here, so I am cool.  I also have good internet, and I have been watching the Olympics and a bunch of other TV shows on my new Dell computer.  I also for some reason, have done some of my best writing here in this little hotel.  I don’t know why.  I think it is because of the atmosphere and the ambiance in the hotel.  It is also usually quiet during the day when I do my writing.  I read somewhere that Ernest Hemingway once said that he did his best work in little hotels in Mexico, Cuba, and other out-of-the-way places.  (There might be something to this.)

The hotel’s location is also good for me.  It is about five minutes away by bike from the lighthouse, straight shot down the road.  It is also very close to New Mahahual, (Casitas), and I can stop by there to get things on my way home.  I just hop on my bike, and I am close to everything.  There are also a couple of little stores around where I can get what I need.  It is also not that far from the Costa Maya Port, and I used to go to the port every day in the past, when I lived here.

There are different rates for different times of the year and seasons, like Christmas and Semana Santa.  Right now I think the nightly rates start at 400 pesos ( $22.00 usd), weekly 800 pesos ($44.00 usd), and monthly around 2,000 pesos ($112.00 usd).  Of course, air conditioning costs a little extra because of the cost of electricity here.  It also has a parking lot, if you have a rental car.

K’ay Kook is owned and operated by José María Flores Sánchez and his family.  Jose is originally from Chetumal, and I think has other business interests here in Mahahual, and is preparing for the future growth here in Mahahual.  There are always constant improvements going on at the hotel.

So if you are looking for an economical, safe, secure, clean, and friendly hotel for your stay in Mahahual, check out K’ay Kook.  It is not on the beach or the malecon, but it is a good deal, and worth the money.

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina



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