College Football Season Now in Mahahual

Me on beach today in Mahahual in my Gamecock football game day outfit.

Me on beach today in Mahahual in my Gamecock football game day outfit.

Today starts my favorite time of year, college football season.  Today we had a cruise ship in town, and I got to talk college football today with a lot of cruise ship tourists.  I got to talk football with people from Tennessee, Volunteer fans, some FSU people, Notre Dame fans, and several other colleges.

I wear my Gamecock hat and shirt every cruise ship day, and today I also got to wear it on game day for South Carolina Gamecocks, who play Vanderbilt tonight.  I also got a lot of comments today from cruise ship tourists on the malecon.

So I don’t have much to write about or share today, because I have been preoccupied.  I just got home from the beach, and I am ready for some football.  I got me some cerviche and Coke Zero, so I am set for the evening of football.  I am hunkered down in my room at the K’ay Kook Hotel, with my computer set up, and ready to go.  I usually watch Gamecock games by myself because no one else here in town are dumb enough besides me to pull for the Gamecocks.

So if the Gamecocks get embarrassed tonight, and lose, I may just jump off the roof at the K’ay Kook Hotel, and end my misery.  I got a feeling it is going to be a long hard year for the South Carolina Gamecocks, and I have 12 long weeks of misery and suffering ahead this football season.  And to make matters worse those loud mouth Clemson fans are picked to win the national championship this year, that would really ruin my whole year if they win.  (Damn I hate Clempson).

So I hope you football team has a good year, because I predict bad times ahead for my Gamecocks.

Thanks for reading, and GO COCKS,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina


14 thoughts on “College Football Season Now in Mahahual

  1. Don Malcolm says:

    Does the name J. Brodie Bricker mean anything? He was (is) my soccer coach. If you played basketball or football against WHHS back then you probably played against one of my brothers.

  2. Don Malcolm says:

    I’ve known Pete since 6th grade. You probably played football against my brother Greg. You also probably played BB against Bob Patterson who was a friend of the family. If you swam in S.A.I.L in the summer, we all swam for Wellington Green.

    Damn small world!

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