I Got Shot in Belize, so I decided to move to Mahahual.

I have to get this story down before I forget it.  This is a true story, no lie, and it just happened minutes ago.


I am inside today at the K’ay Kook Hotel watching college football all day.  I got two computers going.  At halftime I ran up to the corner to get me some chicken to go to bring home.  So I am standing there while they cook my chicken on the grill, and there is another guy there I have seen around.  I have seen him on the malecon, and several places in town.  We were standing there, and I introduced myself, I knew he already knew who I was I am sure.

He asked me some questions about what I do and everything.  We then got around to the topic that I used to live in Belize.  He said he did also, and he lived in Corozal.  I told him I used to live in Corozal, and he said he knew, he had seen me there.  So I asked what brings you to Mahahual, and then he told me, “I got shot in Belize, so I left”.

He then showed me his arm where he got shot.  He said after that, he decided to leave and come here.  He then told me Belize has gotten real dangerous.  I then told him, “Tell me about it”, grabbed my lunch and headed back to my room.  I did not ask him where or why he got shot, just told him, I will see him around.

I swear you can’t make these things up.

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

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