I have been watching football all weekend, and for the last two days I have been craving some good old southern BBQ real bad.  I was just looking at Facebook, and this article from the Playa Times came up.  It describes the Mexican take here on how to slow cook pork like they do back home in South Carolina.  In my home state they cook it over hickory wood usually, here they cook it in a huge pot.  I have had it a bunch here in Mahahual, and I like it.  It makes good sandwiches.  Here it is more wet than I am used to.

I like this article because it goes in-depth on how they make carnitas here.  I did not know the whole process until now.  They usually have it on the weekends here, in front of Primos in the morning.

Pork is one of the most consumed meats in the world, and it is forbidden in some places / Photo: Wikimedia Commons


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