Pizza Papi Mahahual


I want to welcome Pizza Papi as a new sponsor on this blog.  Pizza papi is a fixture here in the Mahahual community.  Pizza Papi was open before I got here, and I think it has been in business here 8 or 9 years.  It is a local hangout for a lot of the expats here during high season.  Besides great food, they also have live music from time to time on the weekends.

I have had about everything on their menu, I even had lionfish pizza there once.  They have a wide menu of pastas, pizzas, and salads, as well as a full bar.  Pizza Papi’s prices are in the medium range, and you get get a pepperoni pizza for 100 pesos, and one with everything on it for about 180 pesos.

Pizza pepperoni

Calzone Papi

Pizza Papi also has a great homey atmosphere, and there is always someone at the bar. They have internet and satellite TV, and a nice dining room, or you can eat at the bar.  They also have delivery service.  I have watched many a football game there, and in fact this past year a friend of mine, Bob Critser and I watched a Packer game there, and had a good time.  They also love soccer at Pizza Papi, and many a day I have ridden by there and heard a soccer game on, and yelling and cheering coming from there.  This is about 2pm usually so they must be watching European soccer, because they are originally from Italy.  I have written several articles in the past about Pizza Papi and about how the brothers got here to open their business, so I will not go into that here.
On the weekends during high season here Pizza Papi is always jumping with live music. On Fridays there is usually a local expat band full of gringos that plays, and I think on Saturdays there is a Mexican band.  They usually pack them in on Fridays with the gringo band, and sometimes you can’t get a seat.
Pizza Papi during high season, also has a jam or open mic night on Mondays, and that attracts a good crowd.  I know a couple of expats Denny and Stefan who play on Mondays.
So if you are in Mahahual and looking for some good Italian food with a nice atmosphere, or like live music, go check out Papi’s.  They have a nice staff, cold beer, and good food.  They are located in New Mahahual, and just ask anybody, they will tell you where it is, if you can’t find it.
avenida paseo del puerto
Majahual 77000
01 983 104 0667
Thanks for reading,
Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

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