Introducing Mango Moonshining Vodka and Bourbon Made in Xcalak

New label for Vodka being made in Xcalak.

New label for Vodka being made in Xcalak.

Mango Moonshining in Xcalak has branched out and is now producing bourbon and vodka, as well as the rum and moonshine they have been making in the past.  The rum and moonshine are very popular in southern Quintana Roo, and now they have added bourbon and vodka.

So as of August 2015 we have about 400 gallons of whiskey in oak barrels, built in
Guadalahara, aging…and when the breeze off the Caribbean is slight, you can smell the “Angels Share”
Whiskey in Oak BarrelsWe have trained three local guys, Antonio to brew, Alex and Omar to mash and distill.
Antonio BrewingAll of our by products are used by us and our chickens, enough left over for all the neighbours in town.
Chickens Eating GrainOur new Ford Transit, to be outfitted, pictures to follow when done, will distribute our products around southern Quintana Roo.



A New Year means expanded production facilities for Mango Moonshining.

Barley RoomFuture Barely Drying Room

Entrance to Barrel RoomFuture Barrel Room

Bottling and Mixing RoomFuture Bottling and Mixing Room

Exterior View of Rick HouseExterior View of Rick House that will be used to store whiskey

Rick House Outside Viewed North to Southorth_south_viewExterior View of Rick House, looking north to south

So if you going to Xcalak anytime in the near future, stop in and see David Randall at Costa de Cocos, and take a tour of Mango Moonshining and the facilities, and sample some of the new vodka and bourbon.  Don’t forget they also brew their own beer in Xcalak also.

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina


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