Where to watch Football and Soccer in Mahahual?

Football season has started, and I got this question over the weekend, so I will answer it today.

Where might on go in Mahahual to watch college and pro football and European or la liga Mexicana soccer on the weekend in Mahahual?”

Great question, and this question is right in my wheelhouse. I love answering football and sports questions.  I know where to watch sports in Mahahual, and I have  been to them all.

First of all, concerning European or la liga and Mexican soccer, that answer is easy.  You can watch soccer everywhere in Mahahual there is a TV.  If there is a big time soccer game on TV here in Mahahual, every store, restaurant, hotel lobby, and place of business will have the game on.  Every vendor on the malecon will have soccer on in their shop on their little TVs if there is a soccer game on.

Some of the places here that attract a lot of soccer fans are Padrino, 40 Cannons, Pizza Papi, and most of the other popular eateries here.  In fact they are always watching soccer at Pizza Papi, and I can hear them during the day yelling and shouting when I ride my bike by.  So don’t worry there are plenty of places here to watch pro soccer, just pick one.

Watching pro and college football here is not so easy.  Football Americano is not as popular here as it is in some of the bigger cities in Mexico.  College football is not very popular in this part of Mexico, except with cruise ship tourists.  Pro football on the other hand is quite popular among some portions of the Mexican population.  Usually you find Mexicans that used to live in the USA, and pull for teams in the cities they used to live in. For example Mexicans love the Dallas Cowboys because a lot of them lived there or have relatives from there.  Also over the years the Cowboys always seemed to have a Mexican placekicker, so that helped.

So to watch pro football you have more options than you do with college football.  The best option to watch the NFL on weekends is Padrino in New Mahahual.  The only problem is they don;t open until 6pm on the weekends.  For the NFL playoffs and Super Bowl, they open earlier.  I am sure if they had a request to open for a crowd for a certain game, they would probably work something out for you.

Best place to watch football in Mahahual.

Best place to watch football in Mahahual.

I have watched many a NFL game there, and have watched the last 4  or 5 Super Bowls there.  Always a big crowd at Padrino on Super Bowl Sunday, sometimes only standing room, so get there early.  It has air conditioning, bunch of TVs, and a good menu.

Another option on Sundays to check out a NFL game is Pizza Papi.  I have watched several Green Bay Packers games there, because it was the only place I could find open with TV.  It was in Spanish, but I got by, and had pizza and a couple of beers.  They don’t follow football there, but ask them , they will put it on for you. They are open all the time, so just pop in, and watch at the bar.

Those are my two best options for watching pro football in Mahahual.  You can check other places like 40 Cannons and it depends on what TV package they have, and what is available  I know we had a couple of “hoser” Canadian hockey fanatics here last year, and they went to 40 Cannons to watch the NHL hockey playoffs.  If they can get hockey I am sure they can get the NFL.  I know Sky TV here has the NFL Network on its satellite package, so if a bar or hotel has that, then any game should be possible.

OK, now the bad news, there is no where in Mahahual to watch college football, no where, nada.  I have looked for five years, and there is nowhere to be found.  The cable and ESPN here, do not cover college football.  I watch my college football in my mini sports lounge I have set up in the K’ay Kook hotel.  I have to watch college football on my computer on various sports websites and networks.  I can honestly say I have not missed a Gamecock football game on TV in my seven years down here.  I have watched in some out-of-the-way places on my computer, but I persevered.  I got two computers going on Saturdays in my room, and watch several games at a time.  There are not many college football fans, (and NO Gamecock fans), in Mahahual, so I usually watch alone, holed up by myself in my bunker.  I bet the Mexicans who live in this hotel think I am crazy, because every Saturday I yell at my computer watching the Gamecocks play.  This past Saturday, I got up watched ESPN College Game Day, and then watched 12 straight hours of college football.  Of course my lowly Gamecocks got beat.  I only left twice from watching to run to the corner and get lunch and dinner.

I went at half time during the game Saturday to get lunch, and stop at the store. I asked for a Bic lighter in Spanish from a young boy who is always helping out his mother at the store, and he is about 10 years old. He gave me an orange one. I handed back the lighter and told him in Spanish that I would not take an orange one because that is a very evil color from where I come from, and only bad people wore orange clothes. His eyes got real big, and he swapped it for a blue one. I told him I never have anything orange because it is bad luck. Just trying to educate the youngsters here of the evil that is Clemson.  True story.

So I hoped I answered this question about where to watch football here in Mahahual.

Note: If any one is interested in helping sponsor this blog let me know, we got a lot of loyal readers now, and more each day.  We can advertise almost anything on here, and can link to your business or website.

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina



3 thoughts on “Where to watch Football and Soccer in Mahahual?

  1. Hey Stewart, I enjoyed reading a few of your posts. I haven’t been to Mahahual yet, though I’ve been living in Bacalar now for 2 months and 6 months in Progreso before that. I wonder if you’d care for some company this Saturday for college football? I haven’t checked the times to see when the Gamecocks play but my UofL Cardinals play in early afternoon and are hosting ESPN College GameDay The game is against Florida State, both teams 2-0 and it’s No 10 vs No 2 (the first top 10 matchup of the season). If you hadn’t heard about our QB I’d be surprised, though maybe you haven’t seen him play for a full game. If not, you’re in for a treat. I think he’s got like 13 touchdowns rushing and passing in the last 2 games, and crushed several ACC records playing a total of five quarters. Anyway, I’m looking forward to finding a way to watch the game, and someone to yell at the screen with would be welcome. I can be reached via email (input on your blog) or my local Mex cell is 999-105-7085.

      • We will. Though Clemson fans with their orange-colored $2.00 bills they spend in town are classy and always welcome in Louisville. I figure as a SC fan you probably feel differently about the team, but their fan base is a riot to tailgate with in my experience.

        Yeah, look forward to hearing from you next day or so.

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