It’s not uncommon here

I am sitting here getting to watch the South Carolina Gamecocks play East Carolina in football, and I came across this article on another blog about living here.  I am in a Facebook group here of other bloggers who write about living here.  I just saw this article and thought a lot of you would like it, and could relate.  Plus I got nothing today, it has been a long week for me.  I have been meeting blog readers and showing them around all week.  We also had three cruise ships this week, the village was busy, and throw in Mexico’s Independence Day, it has been a busy week here.

There are a lot of tourists in town, but I am holed up in my mini sports lounge, (room), in K’ay Kook hotel in the barrio.  Everybody in town is either partying or hung over.  Not me today, it is college football time.  I got both computers going, and will be watching games until midnight.  I got my dinner ordered, a bag of ice, Coke Zero, and a fan going, I am set.  So today here is funny tidbit from another blogger here in Mexico.

Calmado Guey

Its not uncommon here

It’s not uncommon to see a middle age woman holding her adult daughters hand as they walk in public places.
It’s not uncommon to see people racing past a police car, which is normally stuffed to the gils with officers on their cell phones, not paying attention.
It’s not uncommon to see women police officers applying just the right amount of lipstick and eye shadow dressed in riot gear, tucking the small hand mirror in the ammo pouch on her hip.
It’s not uncommon to have a man who clearly doesn’t work for the shopping center behind your car as you are backing out, ensuring you won’t hit another car in the parking lot or another pedestrian. Tips are welcome.
It’s not uncommon for people looking for spare change to stop you while you are walking asking if they can have a peso for their taco.
It’s not uncommon to sit down at a puesto and the other restaurant goers will greet you with ‘provecho’ and smile.
It’s not uncommon to hear 80’s music, most days in the market, or the public transport. The decade never ended here and ‘We are the World’ is still a greatest hit.
It’s not uncommon to see women and children in traditional Mexican dress, selling handmade products like dolls and embroidered handkerchiefs.
It’s not uncommon to find a taco place with more than 4 different salsas available for slathering. Verde, Rojo, Chipotle, Verde con aguacate, Habanero…etc.
It’s not uncommon to see a man give up his seat on the bus for a woman.
It’s not uncommon for a group of men to not give up their seat in the bus at all, for any women, and instead act as if they are all asleep as she gives them the hairy eyeball and try to guilt them until getting up.
It’s not uncommon to see cars filled with more than their maximum occupancy. A Toyota Camry holds 12 if arranged right.
It’s not uncommon to have your micro bus driver to race another bus on his route, to the dismay of all middle aged business men who yell from the back at the driver.
It’s not uncommon to see tiny chihuahuas carried by hand through the market by their owners.
It’s not uncommon to be called Guerö, even if you are Mexican.
It’s Mexico…It’s not what you think.

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