New Bourbon Whiskey Made in Xcalak

Costa Maya Mahahual

I meet a lot of interesting people down here in Mexico, and the other day I got to talk with a man from the USA that has been in business in Xcalak, Mexico for the last 31 years. David Randall is originally from Minnesota. David and his wife, Ilana, own and operate Costa de Cocos in Xcalak, Mexico, about an hour south of Mahahual. They also own Mango Moonshining in Xcalak, a company that brews its own beer, and makes Muir Blanco, Mexican corn liquor, or what we call in the USA, moonshine.

Mango Moonshing, Xcalak, Mexico Mango Moonshing, Xcalak, Mexico

David has been in Xcalak for the last 31 years. He had a catfish farm and business in the USA. During the winters there was not much for him to do, so he decided to come to Mexico and look around for a place to spend three or four months in the winter.


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