Solofish Mahahual

Solofish in New Mahahual.  Located right next to store on corner.

Solofish in New Mahahual. Located right next to Mini-Super store on corner.

Solofish Mahahual is one of my favorite places to eat in New Mahahual, (or Casitas), I eat there a couple of times a week.  My favorite there is the fish burger for 45 pesos.  It comes with fries, and I like to stop on my way home before a football game and get take out.

The name says Solofish, but they have everything there.  They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  The hours are from 7am to midnight, and are closed on Sundays.

I have tried about everything on the Solofish menu.  They have an excellent breakfast that menu items like omelets, hot cakes, chiliaquiles, crepes, and eggs American style, or any way you want them.  Breakfast prices are from 45 to 70 pesos, and this includes juice, or coffee.  I know a lot of the local gringos eat breakfast there.  I like their hot cakes.

For lunch they have a comida de dia, that comes with drink and bread for 60 pesos.  They also have a wide range of tortas, tacos, hamburgers, alambres, and hot dogs.  The prices at Solofish are very reasonable, and there is a wide selection.

Of course they also have a wide selection of fish and seafood also.  They have cerviche with fish or mixed, for 80 pesos.  They also have fish, shrimp, and mariscos tacos at around 50 pesos, and this includes three tacos.  There are also arrachera and your other standard tacos.

Solofish also has nachos, burritos, hot dogs, club sandwich. and several kinds of hamburgers.  I like the sirloin burger, it goes for 45 pesos, as well as a chicken sandwich with fries.  They have good fries at Solofish, and with Heinz ketchup, not that runny Mexican ketchup.

They also serve fruit juices there, as well as coffee, soft drinks, and licuados made with things like oatmeal and granola, which are popular here.  The drink prices range from 20 to 45 pesos.  You can even get licuados by the liter for 35 pesos.

Image result for licuados

Here is a copy of the new menu.

Solofish Mahahual just redid their menu and they have added some things not on their previous menu.  As you can see all the prices at Solofish are very reasonable, and is cheaper than eating on the malecon here.  They also deliver and do take out.  If you decide to eat there, they also have good WiFi.

So if you are an expat here, or are coming to visit during high season, be sure to check out Solofish Mahahual if you are looking for some good reasonably priced breakfast, lunch. or dinner.  You can pick it up like I do, eat there, or have it delivered.  They have a nice friendly staff at Solofish Mahahual and I can say, they take good care of me.  I get a fish burger there every Friday.

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

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