An Alternative Way to Come to Mahahual, Cruise Ship

Today is Saturday, time for some college football, so today I am going to share a post from last year. It talks about how you can come to Mahahual on a cruise ship instead of flying.

Costa Maya Mahahual

Dawn at Costa Maya Port. Dawn at Costa Maya Port.

It is that time of year where some of the expats who live here, or own property here in Mahahual start showing up for the winter. The other day I was at Nam Nam eating lunch with Ron and Collen from Canada, who are here to check on their business at the port. While we were there I ran into an expat from Georgia who owns a condo here. She and her husband are readers of this blog, I have met several times here, and they are in town now checking on their condo on the malecon.

While we were talking she mentioned that she and her husband took a cruise ship a couple of weeks ago here to Mahahual, and got off the cruise ship here, with all their stuff.

I have heard of this before, and I met a guy once at the…

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