Long-Term Rental Shortage in Mahahual

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We have a problem here in Mahahual at the moment, not enough long-term rental properties to meet the current demand.  Because of this blog’s popularity, I get a lot of requests from readers wanting to come to Mahahual and rent a house from 3 to 6 months, and look for a house to buy.  I tell people all the time, before you decide to buy, come rent something in Mahahual for a month or two, and see if you like it.

This has worked fine the last couple of years, but since this summer, there are hardly any long-term rentals available for rent, the demand has exceeded the current rental situation.  I  have been looking for myself for the last 3 or 4 months, and I can’t find anything to rent long-term for myself.  In fact, the situation is so dire, that the Costa Maya Inn now houses all the workers at the water park and port in the hotel.  I was told the workers have to stay four to a hotel room, because of the shortage.

At the moment there is a lot of new construction is going on, and some new houses are being built, but these are for individuals not for rentals.  I know of several people who have bought lots in New Mahahual, and plan on building some “gringo ready” apartments to meet the demand.  These are being planned and the land is being cleared, but it will not help much this winter, but I am sure these will fill up in the future.

So I was thinking, if you plan on retiring or living in Mahahual, or you are looking for a great investment, buy a lot, build a house on it, and rent it out in the future.  Lots for sale in New Mahahual run from $21,000 up to $36,000 usd, and there are plenty of these available at the moment, but they are being bought up also.  You can buy a nice lot and build a house on it for between $50,000 to $75,000 usd, depending on your tastes.  You can check out these lots by hitting the Costa Maya Real Estate link on this blog or go to http://www.mahahual-propiedades.com for more information.  With the dollar at an all time high versus the peso, now is a great time to buy, because most of these properties are listed in pesos.  So if you are looking to invest in Mahahual for the future, just buy a lot and sit on it, or build on it.  Trust me, if you have a “gringo ready” house for rent here in Mahahual, I and other people can keep it rented for you.

New Mahahual, (the Casitas) is becoming very popular, and there are a lot of expats and future retirees wanting to live in that neighborhood in the near future.  A lot of people are looking for second homes here to stay during the cold winter months up north.  Also we need “gringo ready” apartments and efficiency suites in New Mahahual for people year round here, that are affordable. What I mean by “gringo ready” is, air conditioning, hot water, internet, cable tv, nice kitchens, parking, you know all the comforts of the USA and Canada.  Something in the $400-$500 range would stay booked year round, and I can guarantee you that. This past summer we had more Canadians and people from the USA here on vacation than I have seen in the last five summers I have been here.  This I am sure is going to increase in the future as more people discover Mahahual and all it has to offer

I get a lot of people on this blog request rental information here, and ask me for a listing and photos and what is available.  Mahahual is not Cancun or Playa de Carmen, where you just look at rental listings and pick and choose and decide.  There are only about 1,800 residents of Mahahual according to the last census, and we just have not gotten there yet with rental listings and all.  So it is very hard just to book a rental here like the other places I described.  Your best bet is to come down here and look for yourself, and explore like I did.  You can’t sit on the couch in the USA and book a long-term rental here, you have to come and get your hands dirty.

I really don’t look for rentals for people much anymore unless they have been here, or read my blog, because I have learned in the past that a lot of people will have you running around for nothing and you never here from them again.  Case in point, last year a woman from North Carolina contacted me about living and renting here.  She was sick of the USA, and wanted a fresh start, I think she was in her 40s, was a former bartender, and had just got divorced.  Well I found her a nice house, had everything ready for her.  She contacted me from Playa del Carmen when she got to Mexico, and she would be on the bus the next day.  Well she did not show the next day, or the next, or the next, in fact I never heard from her again to this day.  She probably met up with a Mexican “Romeo” in Playa del Carmen, which there are a lot off, and I bet her bank account is dry today, and there is no telling where she ended up.  She never ended up here.  She told me she had done her research, and her homework and Mahahual was the place she wanted to be she was sure, but yet she never showed.

This was not the first or only time this has happened, so now I am very cautious when someone out of the blue wants my help because I have wasted my time in the past.  So unless I know you, or you are a fan of this blog and have contacted me, I am not going to run around and find something for you to rent, because a lot of the time it is not worth my effort, and nothing ever becomes of it. So if you are really interested in a long-term rental here, come down and look, you may have to stay in a hotel for a couple of days, but it is better than trying to find a rental here from your couch in the USA.

So if you read this and you have a long term rental here in Mahahual let me know, and send me some information.  I found a couple of houses on a local Facebook group here yesterday, and I am going to pursue these in the next couple of days.

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

2 thoughts on “Long-Term Rental Shortage in Mahahual

  1. Connie Murphy says:

    I am in xcalak and have been given your name hoping to find a Long term short term rental I’m at Costa Coco’s right now small room with kitchenette or cheap rental please contact me I’m ready to do it now I’m 30 min from mahuahual please help if you know of anything I’m ready and here Connie Murphy touchwithinten@gmail.com please reply either way

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