Maya Alux or Goblins

Costa Maya Mahahual

Since Halloween and “Day of the Dead” are right around the corner, today I thought I would share some Maya mythology about the Alux today.  Monica from our office here sent me this article, and I am sharing on this blog today.

This is translated from Spanish.

What is a Alux?

– Mythology –

It is very common in these lands, mention the word indiscriminately Alux, but you know it’s really a Alux?
In the Maya mythology, it is designated a being like an elf or goblin, which also robs children, cattle or make mischief. According to tradition, it is said that tend to live in natural areas, mainly in the cenotes or caves.

The Aluxo’ob or aluxes are small that reach the height of the knee of a normal person, although it is mentioned that often invisible, occasionally show themselves to have communication with humans, to scare or just…

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