Living Healthy in Mahahual

I can honestly say this, living in Mahahual is good for my health.  I am 58 years old, but living here in Mahahual, I feel like I am in my 30s.  I don’t have the aches and pains I used to have in the USA.  When I first got to Mahahual I could not lift my right arm above my head, and it had been that way for a long time in the USA.  I used to pitch a lot of baseball when I was younger, and had developed pain in my arm.  Well after being here about a year, my arm starting feeling better, and now I have the full range of motion, and no pain what so ever.

I also have noticed my knees and other aches and pains I had gotten by playing football, are practically gone now.  In the USA it used to take me several minutes to roll out of bed, and get loose and mobile, not here, I wake up pain-free.  I also don’t hear those cracks and pops around my body like I used to.  I actually get around better now, than I did 20 years ago in the USA.  I used to be overweight, and in fact I have lost 100 pounds since early 2000, and now I weigh 175 pounds down from 275 in 2000.  I have a hard time keeping on weight down here now.

I know a lot of my being healthy down here is a combination several things.  One is, I am much more active here than I was in South Carolina.  I have a bike and I ride it around everywhere.  In fact, he other day I was talking to my father in South Carolina, and he asked me was it really true I rode a bike everywhere, and did not need a car.  I told him I either rode my bike or walked everywhere.  You can not do that where I come from, you must have a car to survive.  I ride about 3 or 4 miles a day on my bike going from Barrio Cinco Cinco to the malecon, and around town.  In the USA I used to drive a car everywhere I went.  I used to get up go to work, come home watch TV, go to bed, and the next day the same thing.  Here every day is different and unique, and you actually look forward to the next day because of that.  So one reason I think my health is good for my age is I lead a very active life here in Mahahual.

Another factor is, the health care and pharmacy here.  Because health care is so affordable here, you can go to the doctor anytime you want.  I am a diabetic so I have to take pills for that each day, and they are very affordable here.  I think my diabetes medicine costs like $8.00 usd a month here at Pharma Cares, the local pharmacy in New Mahahual.

I have a story about Pharma Cares and Vero, the owner I am going to share.  I have been going into Pharma Cares since I have been here, and I sometimes have questions and inquire about things.  I have had this problem since I lived in Calaritas, Mexico about five years ago.  I get violent cramps in my calves in my legs at night sometimes when I sleep. In Caldaritas I used to walk around a lot, and walk all around Chetumal daily, so I figured it was because of my increased activity.  They got worse when I got to Mahahual, and started being even more active.  The last several months they have gotten real bad, and more frequent.

I have gone to the doctor and they told me to drink more water and eat bananas,  So I started drinking a lot of water, and all that did was make me get up five or six times a night to urinate, so I still was not getting any sleep, and I still had the cramps.  I even took potassium supplements, and still cramps.  I would wake up in the middle of the night and my leg would be locked with enormous pain, and I would have to jump out of bed and walk around to work out cramp.  After that it was hard to sleep.  So I was only getting 2 or 3 hours of solid sleep a night, and it was becoming a problem.

I stopped in to see Vero at Pharma Cares and told her about my leg cramps.  She recommended a medication for me, Retoflam.  I took a tablet that night, and no leg cramps.  I have been taking it for about a week now, and my leg cramps have stopped, and I have been getting some good sleep for a change.  I take one pill before I go to bed, and no cramps or tightness at all, it really has made a difference.  All this without a doctors visit, or a prescription, just Vero’s knowledge.  I just popped in, told her my problem, problem solved.

Vero Bermúdez, owner and operator of Pharma Cares in New Mahahual.

Vero Bermúdez, owner and operator of Pharma Cares in New Mahahual.

Pharma Cares has a wide range of pharmaceuticals, and all at a discount price.  They can even order prescriptions you need and keep them in stock for you, while you are here in Mahahual.  Vero can also help you with any questions or problems you might have, she sure cleared up my problem.

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina


3 thoughts on “Living Healthy in Mahahual

  1. Steve Heide says:

    Great blog an so true! Lisa and I after 48 hours in Mahahual or Placencia immediately notice an energy level boost and sense of physical well being. This feeling isn’t something new, it is based on 10 years if travel to Central America and we include Mahahual in that. Our personal feeling is, we are eating more fish and chicken that hasn’t been fed chemical adjusted food to gain weight. Here in the States we pay almost double for “organic” veggies and free range chicken, pork and natural fish and that is questionable. You are eating all natural food, drinking beer not chemically enhanced, you should feel good. Drink more beer!

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