There is a Place for Everyone in Mahahual

I found this out the other day, there is a place for everyone here in Mahahual.  This past Wednesday I was asked to help a woman from Dallas, Texas find a place to live for her and her two dogs.  She wanted a long-term rental here, after spending some time in Xcalak.

Last week a woman named Connie Murphy contacted me and wanted me to help her find a rental here in Mahahual.  She was going to be a caretaker at a place in Xcalak, but that did not work out, so she ended up at Casa de Cocas in Xcalak.  David Randall, the owner of Casa de Cocos and Mangomoonshining, got her in touch with me to see if I could help her find a rental here in Mahahual.  I did not think I could help her find something, but I decided to give it a shot, and see what i could find for her.

The first problem was, there are not a lot of long-term or short-term rental properties here in Mahahual at the moment.  And having two dogs, I was very doubtful I could find her anything at all.  There is a shortage of rentals now, and having two dogs would also be a problem.

So I met the woman at the Tropicante on Wednesday, after she had driven up from Xcalak. She had her SUV packed to the roof, and all her belongings in her car, and a trailer.  She had decided to chuck it all in the USA and Texas, and come live in Mexico. She is looking for a fresh start and wanted to get out of the USA.  So she packed her dogs and her belongings and drove 34 hours to Xcalak.  Her caretaker job did not work out there, so she decided to try to live in Mahahual.

So we set out to find her a place to live in New Mahahual, Casitas, and we got into her car and started looking.  I took her everywhere I knew there might be a place, and there was nothing for rent.  I even took her to where I live, the K’ay Kook hotel, but there were no places to rent, or they would not let her rent with dogs.  I mean we went everywhere, I even went and knocked on some doors, and stopped at all the stores, like Super Bere, and several other businesses.

I mean I covered everywhere in New Mahahual, and no luck.  I was about to give up, and she was asking me the closest place where she could maybe find a rental, and I suggested maybe she would like Bacalar.  Just as I was about to give up, I remembered that a couple from Argentina who were working here selling their jewelry and crafts, have just moved, and maybe their place on the south end of the malecon was available.

So we stopped at a house of a couple of Mexicans I know who live here, and have a shop at the port.  Their friend Terexa Montero has some kind of artist’s commune or hostel, on the south end of the malecon.  To me it is like a little “hippie” commune on the beach down the south end of the malecon.  It is on the beach and kind of remote, but I thought maybe she could stay there with her dogs, and maybe find something else later.

So we all piled in the car, and took a trip down the malecon to the place.  We found Terexa on the way, and she hopped in the car with us to go check out the place.  She gave Connie a tour, and Connie fell in love with the place, and said this was exactly what she was looking for.

La Kaza, south end of malecon.

La Kaza, south end of malecon.

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House where she is staying.

House where she is staying.

From left to right, Cosete, Dory, Terexa, and Connie at La Kaza.

From left to right, Cosete, Dory, Terexa, and Connie at La Kaza.

To me the place reminds me of “Gilligan’s Island”, the old 60s TV show.  It is on the beach, remote, no power, no internet, no running water, but to some it is paradise.  I lived like this for a while in Xcalak, and everybody I think should try it once.  Connie fell in love with the place, and said it was what she had envisioned, and what she was looking for.  She loved the place and started hugging everybody saying how happy she was.

She went back to Xcalak, got the rest of her stuff, and moved in the next day.  It will good for her to live there, she will get to meet the other people who live there, and they will introduce her around town, so she will get to know people.  Terexa speaks very good English, so she can help her out and look out for her.  I know several other people who live there also, and they are pretty cool, so she should fit right in there.  She will also get to hang around with some of the local artists here, and they are always having parties and functions down at the “commune”, so she will also have a good social life there.  Also I heard a lot of the local fishermen down that way drop by with lobster and fish all the time, for the people there to eat and share.

I saw Connie the next day, and she was happy, and told me she loved where she was staying.  I told her that if she wanted to live like a “hippie”, she should have told me up front, and it would have saved us a lot of time.  So I did my duty, found her a place to live, turned her over to the local “artists and hippies”, they will take care of her, and show her around.  Just another day in my life here.

So I realized this week, there is a place for everybody here in Mahahual, you just have to look to find it.

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina



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