I Need a Falcons Hat, Cubs Hat, or Something

First of all, I am having a terrible football season.  The Gamecocks are bad, the Panthers suck this year, and the Packers are not looking good.  I have nobody to pull for much this season.  I think it is time I picked some new teams, because mine are not going anywhere this year.  Yesterday I watched the Gamecocks barely beat a bad Massachusetts, and that is about all I had to pull for.  Clemson was off, so I could not pull for whoever they were playing, so slow college football day for me.

I did go to Padrino’s last night and watch the Cubs make it to the World Series.  Just a note, Padrino’s will be open for the World Series if anyone wants to watch.  I checked last night, and they will have all World Series games on.  I had chicken fingers, and watched Cubs game, and also the Penn State-Ohio State game.  I like watching two games at one time.

So I was there sitting there thinking last night, I need some new teams to pull for this year.  I grew up being a Atlanta Falcons fan, they are good this year, maybe I should jump on that band wagon.  I have always been a Cubs fan, so I will stick to that.  I also was thinking I need some more college football and pro football hats.

So today I am announcing, I can be bought for a hat.  If you are coming down, bring me a hat from your favorite university or pro team, and I will wear it, and become a fan.  I will do a photo and post, and put on this blog.  I collect hats from every college and university, except Clemson.  I will not wear a Clemson hat under no circumstances.  I would love to have a North Dakota State, or a Coastal Carolina hat, but I will take any college or team. Some teams I like are Louisville, NC State, FSU, Ole Miss, and other colleges like that.  I also like small unique universities like Furman or James Madison, and would like hats from some of these schools.

I do have some Gamecock hats, and several others like LSU, Ill. State, Indiana, Kentucky, Va. Tech, Wisconsin, Southern Mississippi, and Oregon which people have brought down for me.  I would like to have some more to add to my collection.  Like I said I will take anything but Clemson, I don’t look good in orange.

Melissa and Francisco Carranza brought me down this cool Illinois State hat.

Melissa and Francisco Carranza brought me down this cool Illinois State hat.

I like the SEC conference so any school from the SEC, or even a SEC hat will be cool. I also like anything from out west.  I do not have any NFL hats hardly, except for a Packer and Panther hat, so any team from the NFL would be good.  Also any MLB hats would be greatly appreciated.

So if you are coming to Mahahual for vacation, to spend the winter, or on a cruise ship, and you want your favorite college or pro team represented here in Mahahual.  Just bring me a hat or shirt from your team, and I will wear it around Mahahual, and on cruise ship day.  I need some teams to pull for because mine are no good this year.

Please someone bring me down a Cubs hat, only team I got to pull for now.  Go Cubs.

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

3 thoughts on “I Need a Falcons Hat, Cubs Hat, or Something

  1. JUDY SNIGHT says:

    Hi Stuart we have been enjoying reading your blog for the last couple months we are in Bacalar and hope to run into you somewhere will you be out watching football tomorrow Monday night ? We are from the states my husband is from Virginia. We probably aren’t your usual tourist here but we are looking for volunteer information. Next winter want to come for several months. We appreciated your post about the blue Kay and we’re going to talk to them later today. Again we enjoy your block and we hope we meet up or run into you somewhere

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