No Time Change in Mahahual

Another great thing about living in Mahahual is, you never have to move your clocks forward or back, it is the same time year round.  We do not change our clocks here in Mahahual and Costa Maya, and in fact the whole state of Quintana Roo, does not practice Daylight Savings Time.  We are on “Beach Time” here.  The official name is  “Southeastern Time Zone” of Mexico.


Autumn Clock Changes in Mexico 2016 (Backward)

DST in mainland Mexico (except the states of Sonora and Quintana Roo) and Baja California Sur will end on Sunday October 30th 2016, when the clocks will be moved back again by one hour.

Baja California and Mexican cities immediately bordering the US (including Juarez, Nuevo Laredo, Reynosa and Matamoros) clocks move back one hour on Sunday November 6, 2016.

Note about US & European Clock Times

Mexico’s mainland clock-time change dates are not usually synchronized with U.S. or European clock-time change dates, so if you’re traveling or scheduling appointments between Mexico, the US and Europe this spring and autumn, do make a note to double-check your times, especially as flights and other public transportation systems always operate their schedules using local time.

Mexico’s Southeastern Time Zone (Zona Sureste) – This is the fourth time zone specifically affecting the state of Quintana Roo. It’s aligned with US Central time in the spring and summer and does not move its clocks backward or forward each year.

Seasonal Time Changes

To complicate matters, not all Mexican states move their clocks each year, and those that do, don’t necessarily synchronize with dates that other Mexican zones change their clocks, nor the dates that the USA, Canada and Europe move theirs.

For example, Mexico’s relatively-new Southeastern time zone aligns with Mexico’s Central time zone in the spring and summer, but shifts to be one hour ahead when Mexico’s Central time zone moves its clocks back in the autumn (the Southeastern time zone doesn’t move its clocks).  And because the Northeastern time zone synchronizes on the date that US Pacific clock-times change, and not the date of the Mexican Central clock-time change, there can be further clock-time disparity for some weeks each year in the spring and autumn.

So starting today Mahahual is on the same time as the eastern part of the USA, or Eastern Standard Time.  This will also put us on the same time as a lot of the cruise ships that come here, and that avoids a lot of confusion.  It is good for our high season because it means the sun does not go down at 5:30 pm, and people can enjoy the beach more. When I first got here, it was weird to see the sun go down at around 5pm in the winter.   It does make a big difference for tourists.

What it means for me, I get to watch football, sports, and other television at for example 8pm, versus 7pm during the summer months. I like it because the sun comes up at about 6am and sets here at about 6:30pm, instead of 5am and setting at 5:30pm.

So just remember, we don’t change our clocks here in Mahahual ever. In fact, time seems to stand still here in Mahahual.

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

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