“República Independiente de Mahahual”

If you don’t like the election results tomorrow in the USA, you can come join us here in the newly formed”República Independiente de Mahahual”  , or in English, the Independent Republic of Mahahual.  The Republic of Mahahual was formed recently, and we are now accepting refugees from all over the world.  Because of Mahahual’s isolation, being surrounded by water and jungle, and being so far from Mexico City, Mahahual has decided to become self-governed.  Mahahual is practically ignored by the Mexican government, so has decided to become independent.

Mahahual is shooting to become the Monte Carlo of the Caribbean, an independent republic that is self-governed.  Future elections are planned, decided by the people, and will be open to everyone.  Also Mahahual will be more like the Grand Cayman islands, an independent Caribbean entity.  Plans are in the future to secede from Mexico, and become an independent republic.

Official flag of the Republic of Mahahual

Official flag of the Republic of Mahahual

Mahahual has everything you need to be an independent republic.  It is safe and we have our own police force, one car and a bike, our own military, the navy base on the malecon, and our own international port.  With our port, it can be used for commerce, as well as tourism some here believe.  Cargo ships can dock here and supply the republic with everything it needs.  There also is a small airport here.

Mahahual has its own school system, transportation system, water and sanitation system, and the only thing Mahahual gets from Mexico is electricity, so a power plant could be built.  There are plans for no taxes in the republic, like Monte Carlo, and casinos and a golf course are planned for the future.  Mahahual also has its own labor force.  The economy now in Mahahual is based on tourism, fishing, and the occasional finding of a square fish.

The population of the republic now is around 2,000 people from all over the world.  The population is about 70% Mexican-Mayan, and about 30% of a mixture of Canadians, Italians, Germans, people from the USA, and other places around the world.  The people in Mahahual are very diverse, and a bunch of different languages are spoken here.  Mahahual”s chief export is happy tourists.

Entrance to the new Republic of Mahahual.

Entrance to the new Republic of Mahahual.

Mahahual is a republic committed to renewable energy, and conservation of the beaches and mangroves,  In Mahahual there is freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom of sexual expression.  The republic respects human rights, and is very gay and minority friendly.  The dress is casual, shorts, t-shirts, sandals, and moccasins.  We have a wide range of our own international cuisine, a mixture of Italian, Mexican, seafood, and Tex-Mex.  The dish of the republic at the moment is lion-fish cerviche.

There is a very affordable economy in Mahahual, and Mahahual is a fiscal paradise, because there are no taxes.  Most of the money that comes here goes to Chetumal, and Mexico City is so far away, that the republic feels that the money generated here, should stay here in Mahahual.

The Republic of Mahahual crest, "with heart, faith, and steel" in English.

The Republic of Mahahual crest, “with heart, faith, and steel” in English.

There is plenty of land here in Mahahual, and a lot of room to grow.  The climate is perfect, and a great place for private investors.  There is a good health care system in place here, and plans for a universal health care system in the future.  There is no crime, and nobody ever seems to get sick or die in Mahahual.  There is no stress and a very tranquil lifestyle.

Right now, the Republic of Mahahual consists of Mahahual proper, New Mahahual, Rio Indio, and to kilometer 30 on the south beach road to Xcalak.  There are plans to annex Xcalak in phase 2 of the republic, and stage 3 will include the annexing of Banco Chinchorro.

Republic of Mahahual banner.

Republic of Mahahual navy flag

Future plans of the republic include, sending a team to the Olympics, a Miss Republic of Mahahual beauty pageant, and lots of entertainment venues, like Monte Carlo.

The Republic of Mahahual's ambassador, Luca Molteni, meeting with Barack Obama getting Mahahual recognized as an independent republic.

The Republic of Mahahual’s ambassador, Luca Molteni, meeting with Barack Obama getting Mahahual recognized as an independent republic.

So if you are sick of the political situation in the USA and Europe, and are looking for a place to escape to, and get away, the Republic of Mahahual is accepting political refugees from all over the world.  No one will be turned away, we will accept anybody wanting to live free and express yourself.

Viva the Republic of Mahahual!

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina


3 thoughts on ““República Independiente de Mahahual”

  1. allan schein says:

    Stewart. This is a joke, right? I thought the government was pouring money into Mahahual like you said in an earlier post

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