My Tennis Shoe, (Sneakers) Dilemna 

I have a big problem with my shoes, here, they keep coming unglued.

I have to reglue my shoes all the time down here.  I carry a tube of super glue around with me all the time.

I have found out that New Balance and Nike are the worst at coming unglued.

The best tennis shoes to have here are the kind that are stitched, not glued.  I walk around here so much on the hot pavement, that I keep having to glue my shoes.  I had a pair of Reebocks when I first got here that lasted a long time, but besides that. I go through a pair of tennis shoes a year.

So if you plan on moving to Mahahual, bring some stiched shoes not glued.

That is my public service message of the day.

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers  USA-South Carolina

One thought on “My Tennis Shoe, (Sneakers) Dilemna 

  1. says:

    I live in Cletumal and never wear tenis shoes, I only wear sandals. My problem is my size I weat a size 13 (US) and cant find my size here, I have to have them shipped from the US. as for your tennis, you can find stitches shoes in the Belize Free Trade Zone. Lots of them .
    Have a great weekend and if you stoover in Chetus, we can polish of a bottle of Scotch toghether.
    Regards, Luis 983 101 2354

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