Tacos Arabe from Ñam Ñam

I tried something for the first time yesterday, tacos arabe.  Monica from the Costa Maya office told me the other day I should try some tacos arabe from her friend Arturo’s place. I had never heard of tacos arabe before, and she said I probably would like them.  Her friend has like a taco stand kind of restaurant in Mahahual that serves tacos and other things.  I kept going by there to try some tacos arabe, but he was never open when I went by, I think he only opens at night.

Well yesterday afternoon I was walking by Ñam Ñam on the malecon, and I noticed they had a sign up saying they now offer tacos arabe on the menu.  Well I had to stop in and try them, because I had heard so much about them.  They are 35 pesos each at Ñam Ñam.

Tacos arabe from Ñam Ñam, a different kind of taco.

Tacos arabe from Ñam Ñam, a different kind of taco.

I have to admit my tacos arabe were very good, and a different take from the every day taco.  So I some research, and this is what I found out about tacos arabe.

A very popular taco in the state of Puebla , is actually a Mexicanized variant of shawarma Arabs, it was the latter whom began selling in Puebla, traditionally served in pita ( flat bread ) and currently also served in tortilla Flour or corn, are pork meat seasoned with onion, oregano and thyme and lemon and salsa with chipotle piloncillo and vinegar are added.

This Arab-style taco is a real favorite for meat-lovers in Puebla. It originates from an influx of Lebanese immigrants in the 1920’s. The special thing about the taco, which is cut from marinated pork cooked on a spit, is the unique flavor and preparation of the meat, as well as the tortilla used to hold the filling.

Rather than a typical corn tortilla, a flour based tortilla called ‘pan árabe’ is used. This is a pita-type tortilla that is larger and thicker than your regular corn tortilla. Now you have your taco just squeeze a bit of lemon juice and add chipotle salsa, roll the taco back up and you are set to go.

So if you are coming to Mahahual, or an expat here, you might want to stop by Ñam Ñam, and check out their tacos arabe, I think you will like them, I did.

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

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