Questions and Comments about Mahahual November 2016

Ship leaving today.

Ship leaving today.

It is time for questions and comments again.  Here are the questions and comments from you readers from this past month or so.  There were a lot more comments than questions this month, so I will jump right in.

First the questions then the comments.

“Speaking of bikes, do you know any places around Mahahual that I could rent a motorcycle/scooter for a week, and what their rates would be? Not necessarily needing a hog, any bike will do (and almost prefer a dirt/trail bike that I can take on the street).”

Not in Mahahual, I know someone who rents motorcycles in Playa del Carmen, but no scooters or motorcycle rentals in Mahahual at the moment.

“Hi Stewart, what’s the best place to contact you with a few questions regarding Mahahual that I don’t see answers to on the blog (at least not yet)?”

You can reach me at, or hit me up on Facebook.  My phone number is 983-134-6898.

“Is there a Catholic Church in Mahuhual and how can I find mass time? I’ve searched countless sites and the only info I can find is they are building one.”

There is a Catholic Church, right in the center of ball field, near the athletic field, I am not sure on mass times.

“Wondering how much for a small Studio Apt or small 1 bedroom.”

To be honest, really nothing available at the moment.

Like I said, not many questions this month, but lots of comments.  So here are the latest comments.

“Interesting concept of getting there with a cruise ship. By the way, isn’t Bob Critser a great person. I plan to go visit him this fall.”

“The geriatric Margarita!
Ya killin’ me, dawg!”

In response to “They call me Gringo”

“My name (“Rusty”) doesn’t translate either. Years ago one of the deckhands in Puerto Juarez asked my captain, “Why do they call your friend “corrosioan”, is he a bad person? ” Thought is was funny at the time but it does make sense. Kind of like when someone introduces you to their friend, “Snake”. There’s a REASON they call him Snake !!
Enjoy all the hurricane induced business.
Rusty in Georgia.”

Response to why Facebook shows the worst photos on an article.

“The Facebook picture thing has to do with a little something called “open graph tags”. Basically, FB will grab whatever images are in the post and use the first in line, but the way to circumvent is to essentially tell Facebook through a particular tag on your website (or someone else’s) which image you want to be shared as the main photo for that link. the tag you’ll want to include is “og:image”. You can also see which image it’s currently pulling before you post a link with their “Facebook link debugger” tool:

“Great blog an so true! Lisa and I after 48 hours in Mahahual or Placencia immediately notice an energy level boost and sense of physical well being. This feeling isn’t something new, it is based on 10 years if travel to Central America and we include Mahahual in that. Our personal feeling is, we are eating more fish and chicken that hasn’t been fed chemical adjusted food to gain weight. Here in the States we pay almost double for “organic” veggies and free range chicken, pork and natural fish and that is questionable. You are eating all natural food, drinking beer not chemically enhanced, you should feel good. Drink more beer!”

“Hi Stuart we have been enjoying reading your blog for the last couple months we are in Bacalar and hope to run into you somewhere will you be out watching football tomorrow Monday night ? We are from the states my husband is from Virginia. We probably aren’t your usual tourist here but we are looking for volunteer information. Next winter want to come for several months. We appreciated your post about the blue Kay and we’re going to talk to them later today. Again we enjoy your block and we hope we meet up or run into you somewhere.”

“Stewart, shoot me an address and I’ll get you a Ga hat down there. The Dawgs suck this year too.
Rusty in Ga.”

I will send you an address soon.

“Pretty much on the mark. But the macho thing is alive and well in Mexico, and a huge, perhaps most, percentage of Mexican men do indeed have mustaches. Nothing wrong that.”

“Tombs included skeletons of “middle-aged people.” How is middle-aged defined here? Would it not depend on the average life span of people living at any given epoch. While 45-55 might be middle-aged to us, it would be old to anyone living two centuries ago, much less people living many centuries ago.”

“With all due respect, they are massage therapists.”

Sorry, I called them massage girls.

“Reblogged this on My Heart of Mexico and commented:
Today is the end of the Day of the Dead celebration in Mexico. I’ll bid farewell to this wonderful holiday by sharing with you a very interesting and detailed article about this colorful Mexican custom.”

“Thanks for a very informative post.”

“Wow who knew? I guess that’s why the little bar where we expats watch the super bowl is always full of Mexicans.”

Here are some comments about The Republic of Mahahual article.

“A fun post. Thanks for the smile.”

“Stewart. This is a joke, right? I thought the government was pouring money into Mahahual like you said in an earlier post.”

Come on dude, have you not ever heard of satire?

“Like Monte Carlo casinò ? END (fine) del Paradiso”

Comment on my tennis shoe dilemma

“I live in Cletumal and never wear tennis shoes, I only wear sandals. My problem is my size I wear a size 13 (US) and cant find my size here, I must have them shipped from the US. as for your tennis, you can find stitches shoes in the Belize Free Trade Zone. Lots of them .
Have a great weekend and if you stop over in Chetus, we can polish of a bottle of Scotch together.”

Thanks, I am a tennis shoe and sneaker guy, I ride around and walk so much.  I like my white socks and tennis shoes, I am not a flip-flop kind of guy, I don’t like the thing between my toes.  I guess I am still an old ex-jock.  I did have a pair of Tevas, but wore them out.

And now for the Grand Finale, all the comments I have gotten on the election and politics in the USA.  I can tell you, some of the comments are a doozy.

“Stewart, thank you for providing this article. For folks looking to live somewhere besides the USA, you have provided some good info. My parents had looked into Costa Rica, then my dad got sick and passed away.

I enjoy your posts.
Sorry to hear that you plan to apply for amnesty if Trump is elected. Which I do not think will happen. Hillary is no better. This was a year of very poor choices. We survive bad presidents.
Perhaps we should all take Bob Critser’s advice, vote Libertarian!!!!
Who ever wins will be due to getting the most votes.

Again, I really enjoy your articles.”

“I loved your article I have lived in playa del Carmen off and on for 15years. Love it went back to Texas for six months and could not wait to return. I brought a home with my son but it is rented. So I also rent a modest one bedroom which I am fine with. The only thing I found wrong with one of your statements. You said you have coverage here in Mexico for Medicare or Medicade you do not. Please check out my true international love story the red silk robe. You can see I have lived in quite A fewcountries. Just love living in foreign countries. Texting from Wah Wahs on the beach how wonderful is that. I love the new technology. Julia. Thanks again”

I have been informed that places like CostaMed here are going to start accepting Medicare soon.  That is the plan for the future.

“It’s official, amigos. Donald Trump will be the 45th president of the United States. But if you’re not cool with that, don’t worry! Here are a few options for you, and Mexico is one of them. See you here soon!”

“I am a MN 43 year young woman. I am so so sick to my stomach that Trump won as are millions of Americans. My heart breaks for Hilary Clinton. All the poles news groups everyone including many on the trump team thought she did also. What happened well I think many people are confused.. what scares me is his lack of self control and temperament. If someone angers him from another country is he gonna go to war or cause an attack on the USA. He is going to male the country hated even more by terrorists. I had a 5-6 year plan to move to Mahahual however now I may do it sooner. God help us all.”

Here is a personal attack on me by some woman, whom I am sure is a Trump voter.  The reason I know is, she attacked me personally for other people’s articles that I shared.  So she is not too smart, because she attacked me personally for stuff other people have written.

“You have no idea what you are talking about . Clinton are crooks . You are embarrassing yourself . Go back to food in Mahahual”

This was on an article from the Yucatan Times I shared, she thought I wrote it, so she attacked me.

“You have no clue of which you comment . There were no choices this election but The Clintons are corrupt and will probably face indictment .

They have done many bad things and it is catching up with them . You are getting your information from much of the main stream media which has been collusion with the Clintons and it has been outed , resulting in Democrats being fired from networks.

The good news is that the country is trying to unite and heal from years of a mess . The Clintons , Obamas, and Trumps have exemplified class and grace and professionalism by taking the high road to move forward cooperatively for the nation’s sake . We don’t know what will happen but we know where we have been . It is what it is and a biased commentary does not yield any benefit .

Maybe it is time to go back to food finds in Mahahual and let process transition .

In democracy , there are always various factions and sides … that is why it is a democracy.
Let us all hope and pray that USA and Mexico can have a reasonable transition and overcome the past .”

Again she attacked me on an article I did not write but shared. Poor woman.

“We are better than this……”

“Excellent analogy of the Trump election, spot in my estimation. Last night anti-Trump protests erupted in major cities in the States. Watching the protests on the nightly news made me feel good but does not heal my damaged core. Lisa and I continued to have faith in the American electorate which was justified with Clinton winning the popular vote, however, the electoral vote determines the winner and Trump won. A quick side note would be, the electoral vote was established based on slavery. Slave owners wanted the population of slaves to count even though they couldn’t vote so a 3/5ths solution was brought in with one slave being 3/5ths of a voter. It doesn’t matter now, our worst nightmare is realized, Trump is president elect. As the returns came in, Lisa and I were scratching our heads, what the hell was going on? We continued to have faith in our fellow Americans that they wouldn’t be stupid enough to elect Trump, the majority was more educated and cared about America and all Americans, not just angry racist white men. We went to bed thinking it was going to be close but America and all Americans would prevail, we were so wrong! Like Stewart Rogers, who we had the pleasure of meeting in Mahahual a few weeks ago, Lisa and I would like to apologize to all of our good friends in Mexico and to the world for the stupidity they witnessed on November 8th and 9th here in the States. The pundits are all analyzing and reanalyzing the Clinton campaign strategy and where it failed, doesn’t amount to a hill of beans. America failed America! America failed the world! To all of you, take satisfaction in knowing, what we are about to receive with President Trump, we deserve.”

“**********, you are an ignorant idiot. Doubtless you receive all of your news from the alphabet channels. You would rather have had a career politician, like Clinton, running the country? A proven liar that most people can’t trust. Protests from some coddled liberal punks made you feel good? Why don’t you leave my country, and take the moronic celebrities who said they would leave, with you. Then you can start to ruin some other country.”

“Gee, a bit touchy are we? So for the next four years you and I are going to get exactly what you morons voted for, reruns of Fiddo Beddo and Clyde. Did you “read” any of President Elect Orange’s health care, tax proposals, etc, anything? Can you read? If you are making $1,000,000.00 a year, you voted for the right man. As for leaving this country, I think not. 2020 is just down the road and Elizabeth Warren will have to reverse all of the failures of President Orange and his one semester Presidency. Good luck Bubba and be careful you don’t tan too darkly in the hot sun, you would hate to end up south of the border on a one way bus guarded by President Orange’s troops.”

“Elizabeth Warren is as irrelevant as you. You ignorant leftists ruin everything you touch. You never contribute; you only beg, borrow, and steal from producing people. You are nothing more than an oxygen waster. Your kind should be eliminated with extreme prejudice.”

“Jawohl Mein Fuherer. First we get the Jews, then the Schwartes, then the crippled and sick, then the genetically inferior, we continue to take over the media and call it Fox, the State run media center. Gee, your tone sounds vaguely familiar”

One of the main reasons I left South Carolina and the USA to start a new life was the politics.  So I plan on staying down here in Mahahual as long as I can, and get residency, so it looks like my decision was a good one.

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina





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