Mahahual is Starting to Get Busy

The first week of November usually is the kick off for the high season here, and this year it started off with a bang.  The town is starting to fill up with expats and “snow birds”, and a lot of the Mexican port workers and tour guides are back.  My hotel is full, and almost every place in Mahahual is filling up for the winter.

Of course the first expats to arrive in Mahahual are the Canadians, eh.  You can set your clock to the return of the “Snow Bird” Canadians.  They arrive on the first week of November, as soon as it gets cold in the “Great White North”.  I am serious, on the first week of November Canadians pour into Mexico.  I remember a couple of years ago, I was staying in Playa del Carmen at a friend of mine’s condo, I was there pretty much by myself in the complex during October.  I was going back and forth to Mahahual, a couple of times a month.

I was told by the year round residents of the condo that the condos will start filling up in November, and all the Canadians will be back for the winter.  I thought to myself no problem with me, I had for the last couple of months had the pool to myself and I had gotten a lot of reading done, and had got some sun, so i figured, what is a couple more people around the pool.  Well I remember waking up on November 1 after Halloween, Day of the Dead here, about 7am.  I walked to the balcony to look out over the pool, and I saw this beautiful Latina women in a red mini-skirt and heels, walk over to the pool, and just jump right in, high heels and all.  She then got out of the pool, straightened herself out, sling back here hair, adjusted her skirt, and went back into the party going on downstairs. That is a sight I will always remember for the rest of my life.

Well, I digressed, back to the Canadians.  The next morning about 9am, I think, I got up, it was a Sunday, November 2, I think, and walked to the balcony to look over the pool, my morning ritual.  I went and bent over to look at the pool, and all I saw was a bunch of bleached white people at the pool, the Canadians had arrived, the pool was packed.  Lets just say I never had the pool all to myself ever again before I left.  I mean it was liking turning on a faucet and the Canadians just poured in.  They come for six months, and then return up north in April, same here in Mahahual.

Last week we had our usual Canadians expats start showing up like the Gaucis, Ron and Coleen, and several other Canadian Mahahual regulars.  In fact we were sitting around last week talking about all the Canadians returning, and I mentioned to everyone that “Canadian Stewart” (You can read about him in past stories), should be showing up soon.  Well what do you know, low and behold, he then walks around the corner to the Tropicante.

The one and only "Canadian or Scottish" Stewart returning to Mahahual.

The one and only “Canadian or Scottish” Stewart returning to Mahahual.

The Canadians and the port and tourist workers are always the first to arrive in Mahahual for the high season.  The USA expats show up usually after Christmas, and the European expats have been coming back since September.  We also get more tourists from the USA traveling here this time of year on vacation.

The first of November also started the high season for cruise ships, and we have been busy.  There are cruise ships almost every day now, and will be that way until April.  some weeks are busier than others, but it is now a steady stream of ships.

Regular sight now.

Regular sight now.


So things have really picked up here, and things are starting to get real busy.  I don’t get home much now until after dark, things have picked up so much.  And i am sure this is going to be a very busy high season here in Mahahual.

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina



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