Winter has Arrived in Mahahual

Winter has officially arrived in Mahahual.  A cold front came through, and this morning it is 66 degrees here.  I am about to go into town because we have a cruise ship here today.  I know I am going to see all the school kids bundled up in coats and hats on my way.  All the locals here will be wearing jackets and coats, and walking around like it is freezing.  To them it is cold, it is twenty degrees cooler than normal.  I will wear shorts and a t-shirt like always, but to see all the jackets and stuff is kind of funny.

Winter in Mahahual.

Winter in Mahahual.

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers  USA-South Carolina

One thought on “Winter has Arrived in Mahahual

  1. Julia kent says:

    Thank you so much. I have lived in pdc for a long time off and on and never seen anything like this here also when it gets cooler. Will be visiting soon from pdc check out my profile. 😎

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