$100 Bills Traveling in Mexico

Costa Maya Mahahual

A little insight into traveling for you guys………..don’t bring $100 bills to Mexico, Belize and Latin America. I was standing in line last night to get some groceries at Mega Store, and there were 2 American older female tourists in front of me and they pulled out a $100 USA bill to pay for their items they bought. The young Latina girl at check out spoke no English, so she shook her head no she could not take a bill that big in American money.in Spanish. Well these 2 women pitched a bitch, started telling the young girl that is all the money they had and they brought $100 bills because they thought Mexico took US money. Well I just stood there waiting, I was wanting to get home to watch the Panthers on MNF and the women went on and on to this young girl. And the funny thing…

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