Cost of having Diabetes in Costa Maya, Mexico

Costa Maya Mahahual

CostaMed clinic in Mahahual. CostaMed clinic in Mahahual.

I thought I would post this before I forgot about it. Yesterday I went to the local drug store here to get my monthly supply of diabetes medications. I have to take Metfomina and Glibenclanida daily to control my glucose levels in my blood.

I usually go to the Simalares drug stores because they have generic drugs, and are cheaper than the other drug stores here in Mexico. On Mondays they have 25% off on all medications, so I go on Mondays to take advantage of that. There are Simalares drug stores all over Quintana Roo, and I have used them in Chetumal and here in Playa del Carmen, and they are everywhere here in Quintana Roo.

So I was standing there yesterday waiting on the girl at the drug store to get my medications, and I looked over and I saw that there is also…

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