Pharma Cares and Vero Save Me Again

Pharma Cares in New Mahahual.

Pharma Cares in New Mahahual.

As some of you readers may know, I had some stomach problems last week.  For the last year or so I have been having stomach acid problems, and it has been getting worse. Every three or four months lately I have been getting nausea spells and get real sick to my stomach, and I would vomit stomach acid. When this happens it puts me out of commission for a couple of days.  I have also been getting bad heartburn and acid reflux when I ride my bike around or do exercise.   These spells would come and go, and then I would be fine again.

For a long time I thought it was my diet, and I tried to adjust, and it seemed to help some, but not totally.  Well last week I had a real bad relapse, and it hit me pretty hard.  I woke up late Saturday night with a burning sensation in my chest, I thought I might be having a heart attack.  It was stomach acid again, and I was sick to my stomach all day the next Sunday, and spent all day in bed vomiting.  I did not even watch one play of one single NFL game that day, something I have never done before.

The next day was Monday, and there was a ship in town, so I felt a little better, and I went into town.  I had a light lunch of soup and salad, and I got sick again.  I had my bike with me, and I was so nausea, I could not even get on my bike.  I tried to take a cab home, but no cab would take me and my bike.  I was sitting on the side of the road in agony, trying to figure out how I was going to get home.

Just then the guy that delivers water to everybody comes by on his motorcycle, towing a bunch of empty 20 liter water bottles.  I asked him if I paid him 20 pesos would he take me and my bike back to Barrio 55.  He said sure, so I loaded my bike and myself into the trailer with the water bottles, and I laid down while he took me back to the K’ay Kook hotel.

I went straight to bed, and was there until Tuesday night. Tuesday night I started to feel a little better, and I was thinking, I had a big Thanksgiving meal coming up on Thursday, and I did not want to miss that, so I had to find some kind of solution to my problem.  So I got to thinking, maybe somebody else out there might I have the same problem as I do.  I went on Facebook and posted, “Does any other old people out there have stomach acid problems”?  Half of my high school graduating class must have responded.  I was surprised at how many stomach problems my fellow classmates had.

I heard all kinds of stories and examples from people my age and their problems, and what they take for it.  I got a bunch of suggestions, and names of some prescription drugs that might help me.  I was surprised that so many people who I know, had the same problem as me.  So I wrote all the suggestions down, and all the different names of the drugs.

The next morning I was at Pharma Cares when they opened with a list for Vero.  I had some names for some prescriptions in English, and I wanted to see if she carried any of these prescriptions for my stomach.  There was names like Nexium and Prilosec, I think, common medicines in the USA.

To make a long story short, Vero gave me the Mexican drugs equivalent to what all my friends suggested I take.  She hooked me up with everything I needed, and I went on my way.

Vero Bermundez, owner and operator of Pharma Cares

Vero Bermundez, owner and operator of Pharma Cares.

So I took the medicine she suggested, and I starting feeling a lot better.  The next day was Thursday, Thanksgiving, and I felt so good, I even made my Thanksgiving dinner.  I ate as much as usual, and since then I have had no problems.  I even rode my bike from the malecon all the way to Alan and Nancy’s house with no acid relux, or any discomfort.

I have been taking the medication so far now for about a week, and I feel a lot better.  I have been riding my bike everywhere and getting around pretty good.  I have not had much heartburn or any other burning sensations, so I am very happy.  I am also going to start watching my diet better, because I think fried foods may be bad for my stomach.  I have found out that cerviche is good for my stomach.

So thanks to my high school classmates with all their stomach aliments, and Vero at Pharma Cares, I am back to my usual self, just in time for the holidays.

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina


3 thoughts on “Pharma Cares and Vero Save Me Again

  1. Steve Heide says:

    Just a quick note on your stomach problems. If you know any folks in the area who may be from Korea, SE Asia or the Phillipines, ask them if you can buy Kimchee anywhere in the area. Kimchee is eaten at every meal in Korea, it is a fermented cabbage condiment with spices. I love it with white rice and a stir fry. My understanding is it is very easy to make with the old tradition of burying the layered cabbage and spices in a pot to ferment. Has a pungent smell, a bit spicy but very, very good and most excellent for stomach and lower intestinal problems. Don’t leave it in the sun or allow to get warm, the fermentation process is ongoing so refrigeration is best. I think there are some Asian ladies in Mahahual who own a restaurant, they may be able to make it for you?

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