My Christmas Wish List


I am sitting here watching the Carolina Panthers on TV, and putting a list together of things that I need or could use in Mahahual.  A lot of people this time of year ask me if I need anything brought down, or can they bring me something.  This week I got some people coming down on cruise ships, and they are bringing me some stuff down.  I started this list on Facebook, and decided why not put it on this blog also, it might be some fun.

A friend of mine, and a reader of this blog, Denny Sprunger is driving down from Indiana in a van on December 16, and asked if he could bring me anything down for me.  So I got to thinking, a lot of people keep telling me they want to send me stuff down here, so now is my chance to get some things I can’t get here in Mahahual.

So it being holiday season, i compiled a list of what I want for Christmas.

My Christmas wish list. (Things I can’t get in Mahahual)
This list is for the members of my fan club, who I provide lots of daily good quality entertainment.
1) Cubs hat and shirt
2) Jar of Jiff peanut butter, or Skippy
3) Gamecock World Series Champs t-shirt 
4) Furman hat
5) Citadel hat
6) Coastal Carolina baseball hat or champ t-shirt
7) Carolina Panthers hat or t-shirt
8) Falcons hat
9) Braves hat or shirt
10) cargo shorts waist 34″, old or new
11) Anything that says SEC (the greatest conference in history)
12) Anything that says Greenville, SC, or any college in South Carolina, except Clemson.
13) Can of Chef Boyer Dee? ravioli ( been so long can’t spell it).  And Hormel chili of course.  Also Reese’s peanut butter cups.
14) pair of Tevas, 10.5″
15) cheap watch (plastic), like a swatch kind, watches don’t last long here.
16) beef jerky
17) white socks
18) blue tooth speaker to listen to Gamecocks on the beach, any brand
19) (2) spin cast fishing kits, open faced, portable like you see in Walmart and Dick’s Sporting Goods. There is a kid here that fishes for his family by hand and has no fishing pole or tackle. I want to give him one so so I can teach him how to fish, so he can catch more fish to feed his family, the boy is about 10 years old.
20) Gamecock poncho, or any kind of poncho.

That is my list, I also have decided that I am kind of tired wearing Gamecock attire everyday, so I am going to start switching things up.  I am going to start once or twice a week to wear a hat and shirt from a different university or sports pro team.  For instance, if you send me a Penn state hat and shirt, I will do a Penn state day here and wear the hat and shirt, and take a photo and post on this blog with the sender’s name and location.  I will do the same thing with any college or pro team except Clemson.  I will wear a Slippery Rock Teachers College, or anything. but not Clemson.  So if you want your team or university represented on cruise ship day in  Mahahual, send me a hat or shirt.  All entries must be in Indiana by December 16, because that is the day the van leaves for the drive down from Mahahual. Here is this address where things can be mailed, or you can just ship direct from like Amazon, or where ever you buy stuff and drop ship there.

Denny Sprunger

8121 Becketts Ridge Lane, Fort Wayne, IN 46825

This is my list so far, If you see something you like to get on my list, feel free to contribute. If you also want to send something unique from your area, team or school, no problem with me, feel free to express yourself. It has been 7 years since I have been in USA, so my stuff is getting ragged. All entries have to be in Indiana by December 16.  Gracias.

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

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