Our Amigoes Of Mahahual

It is Sunday December 11 here in Mahahual, and it is 84 degrees and sunny.  It is a beautiful day, but I am inside today watching NFL football.  I am watching all the games being played in the snow up north.  I love to watch the cold and snow up north, and all the people bundled up at the games on TV.  I like looking at the snow and cold, but I would much rather be here on the Mexican Caribbean, all warm.

It has been a long week for me meeting and talking to tourists, and answering a lot of questions about life here.  The old Belize questions are starting to pop up again.  I met several people this week thinking about living in Belize, and they are victims of the International Living hype also.  I was thinking it might be time to run my Belize series about comparing life in Belize to Mahahual again.

So today I am taking it easy and resting up for the next couple of holiday weeks, and all the tourists.  I got a bunch of stuff to write about in the next couple of days.  There is not a ship until Wednesday, so I got some time to catch up.  So today I am sharing Aussie Steve’s new website and blog, and an article he sent me he wrote about life here and the people in Mahahual.  Aussie Steve was a guy from Australia who some of you have read about in the past.

Our Amigoes Of Mahahual

Credit, thanks and acknowledgements in order of appearance go to the following cast of colourful, and sometimes crazy characters we met on our wonderful three week stay in Mahahual, Mexico.

A view for the jetty of Mahahual

The large extended Spanish family going on holidays that were on the ADO mini bus from Cancun to Mahahual with us. This excited family talked loudly without a single pause to breathe for over four and a half hours straight. You made us very glad we had invested in good noise cancelling headphones and had a large supply of MP3 music with us.

I would like to point out for future reference the following observation for them. It is not cool, if all the males in the family choose to wear their bright turquoise blue ‘budgie smuggler’ bathers at the same time on the beach. In fact just plain weird and is a somewhat disturbing sight.

Snorkeling Tours in Mahahual

Chris and Belinda a Canadian couple on their way to Xcalac an even smaller town about an hour south of Mahahual. These young Snowbirds were escaping the cold back home, exchanging shovelling snow and wood fires for fly fishing, the beach and the sunshine. They joined us at the back of the ADO bus from Tulum onwards with our special noisy Spanish friends. We met them again a couple of times during our stay each time slightly more tanned and relaxed than the last.

The redneck gringo wrangling Stewart Rogers an American escapee from South Carolina who now living in Mahahual. You can find a lot about Mahahual on his blog the Costa Maya Mahahual. On the days the cruise ship are in port you will find him sitting like a life guard back to the ocean on the Malecón just outside the Tropicana restaurant.

You will recognise him by the Gamecock cap which sits proudly on his balding head. He is like an unofficial maître de making sure his fellow countrymen and the variety of other passing tourists find whatever they are looking for. Lately the cap may have be replaced with an F&#K Trump as he shares along with many Mexicans the disbelief in his country’s current political state of affairs.

A mobile shop in Mahahual

Nancy who runs the small used bookstore and gift shop in one side of the Tropicante Restaurant. I thank you for your warm welcome, frequent friendly chats and much needed local contacts. I hear you may be off wandering on your own adventures soon and I wish you safe travels.

Huge thanks go to Amber for her professional expertise in adjusting a badly out of shape back which was at the time threatening to end our journey prematurely.

Steve Uhl the tall Texan owner of the Tropicante Restaurant. I enjoyed our long chats about, food, politics, business, gun laws and many other assorted and interesting topics. It is my hope that despite, demanding clients, the seaweed scourge, unique employee problems and local politics you are able to make some money and still retain your sense of humour. You can read his daily challenges at his blog Tales from Mahahual and I recommend his series Buster’s On The Beach

El Fuerte Hotel Mahahual

Javierd our Mexican Waiter at El Fuerte Hotel for our daily cheery morning greeting on the way to the beach. He made sure our drinks were always cold and always served with a big mexican smile. We enjoyed our sightseeing / adventure with you to the Chacchoben Ruins, Bacalar Laguna and Cenote Azul. A wonderful day that will be long and fondly remembered and a another blog post coming soon. We hope we see you again one day somewhere, Gracias Amigo be well.

Karlita Cafe in Mahahual

To the Crazy Lobster man who without fail, every single time I walked down the Malecón tried without success to get me to eat in his restaurant. You sir are the definition of perseverance.

Cafe Karlita’s and her tiny coffee shop for our daily fix of ice cold Frappuccino’s and wonderful selection of hand baked chocolate and pastry calorific creations.

The Fruita Lady

The old fruita lady despite the huge language gulf that existed between us we somehow still managed to work it out. She would only sell in half or whole kilogram amounts and make me always go and get more so as to round it up making it easier for her to total up. I am sure it was just a clever roost to make me buy more, well played to you.

Sitting in the corner of the doorway glued to an old plastic chair was her friend. She sat clutching her handbag in her lap and was always telling her want to do. If you can’t find it just ask her it will be somewhere hidden or even in a nearby shop.

Mahahual Meals on Wheels

To all the cruise ship gringos for their brief appearance, aimless wandering, bad dress sense, loud ridiculous and sometimes disturbing comments. It was certainly entertaining to see the town setup each day and relieve you of your money. For the record the cigars are not Cuban, genuine Oakley sunglasses will never cost $10 and seaweed is not dirt.

If you were impressed by Mahahual and thought it was a beautiful place, then sadly you missed its true beauty. This is only revealed when you all got back on the boat and sailed off it!

Mahahual Sunglasses Oakelys?

Scottish born Nova Scotian residence Stuart who on the spur of the moment decided it was better to buy a plane ticket to Mexico than buy another cord of firewood. Somehow you ended up in Mahahual in the crowded noisy Papas pizza late on weeknight listening to a local band with a couple of crazy Australians.

To all the hawkers along the Malecón who tried hard each day to sell us all manner of jewellery, souvenirs, tours and activities. Unfortunately you did not have what we were looking for, luckily Mahahual however did.

Thanks to lovely lady (name unknown) that disappeared and returned some time later with a little baggie of curry powder. I could have found all types of other substances some legal, some not, in a fraction of the time. However finding curry powder to make Mango Fish Curry turned out to a much bigger gourmet challenge than I had expected.

Colorful Casas in Mahahual

Finally thanks go to the three impeccably similarly dressed mature aged women off the cruise ship walking on the Malecón on the final day. When approached by a Mexican hawker asking if they were interested in a snorkelling tour, the lady in question delved quickly into her large oversized hand bag under her arm and produced a religious pamphlet. Thrusting the pamphlet into the Mexicans hand, she proceeded to give him a short stern sermon telling him to read it and repent all his sins ways.

Following close behind, we were able to see the complete look of bewilderment and confusion on the poor fellas face as he looked at the pamphlet now in his hand. Amigo you just got trumped by a true expert. We laughed ourselves asses off for a good 10 minutes, it was priceless moment.

Boat on the beach in Mahahual

I hope one day you find yourself washed ashore in this paradise and if you do tell my Amigos in Mahahual, G’day from the Aussies.


You can check at the whole website at source link above.

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

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