Costa Maya Life Blog Reaches 100,000 Readers for the Year 2016

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This afternoon this blog reached 100,000 readers for the year of 2016.  This is the biggest year so far for this blog.  2015 had 83,750 readers, 2014 had 27,847, and the first year 2013 19,483 total readers.  So as you can see this blog has grown every year since its founding.

Here is the breakdown of the countries, and readers by country for 2016.

“United States”,57775
“United Kingdom”,1099
“Czech Republic”,107
“South Africa”,61
“Puerto Rico”,57
“Costa Rica”,52
“New Zealand”,43
“United Arab Emirates”,41
“European Union”,38
“Dominican Republic”,27
“Cayman Islands”,24
“Trinidad & Tobago”,21
“South Korea”,19
“Hong Kong SAR China”,18
“Saudi Arabia”,9
“El Salvador”,8
“Antigua & Barbuda”,6
“Côte d’Ivoire”,6
“U.S. Virgin Islands”,5
“Turks & Caicos Islands”,4
“St. Kitts & Nevis”,4
“Myanmar (Burma)”,3
“Bosnia & Herzegovina”,3
“Palestinian Territories”,3
“St. Martin”,2
“Sri Lanka”,2
“Sint Maarten”,2
“Caribbean Netherlands”,1
“British Virgin Islands”,1
“Faroe Islands”,1
“Burkina Faso”,1
“San Marino”,1
“St. Lucia”,1
“Macau SAR China”,1

As you can see, this blog has readers from almost every country in the world, and some countries I did not know even existed..  Like where is Burkina Faso?  I am very surprised at all the readers from Europe, lots of European readers.

So I am going to have to try very hard to top these numbers in 2017.  But I will give it a shot.

I want to thank all of you loyal readers, and I hope you continue to read, follow, and support this blog in the future.

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina


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