Why we live in Mexico: the top 10 reasons

Costa Maya Mahahual

Why we live in MX:

the top 10 reasons

Contemplating cold weather leads to the compilation of a top 10 list

Neighborhood kids fishing on the beach.""

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A few days ago a local taxi driver asked me: “Where are you from?” And I replied as I always do: “I live here, but I am originally from Canada.”

We then moved on to discussing the winter weather and how this has been a record-breaking cold winter north of the Mexico-U.S. border.

Menos treinta grados centígrados? -30 Celsius?” He tosses both hands in the air in an expression of mock horror. (-30 C is -22 Fahrenheit. That’s damn cold on any temperature scale!)

Por qué?” He asks. “Why? Why live there?”

“I don’t know!” I respond, grinning.

My response prompted a comedy routine. Unusually expressive, his hands hardly touched…

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