Dallas Cowboy Fans in Mahahual

This past Sunday we had two ships in town, and it was New Year’s Day.  It was also the last day of the NFL regular season in the USA.  Now you have to keep in mind Mahahual is not like Playa del Carmen where on Fifth Avenue, you have a lot of sports bars catering to the tourist crowd.  In fact the only sports bar in Mahahual is Padrino in New Mahahual, near the port, and they are not open during the day when cruise ships are here.

I get a lot of requests from cruise ship tourists when they are in town, but Sunday I got a very unique one.  One of the regular cruisers that comes here and hangs out at the Tropicante when he is in town is a guy named Dean Wright, of WaxWork Hands.  He has been here a bunch of times, and he is from Missouri, and has a business in Branson.  He is also a Facebook friend of mine, and he has brought me several things down over the years I have known him.  He is also a big Dallas Cowboys fan.

Well Dean came up to me and asked me if there was any place or a sports bar where he could watch the Dallas Cowboy game that was coming on at 1pm.  I told them there were no regular sports bars or anything like that on the malecon.  He then told me he would tip me $10 if I could find a place for him to watch the Cowboys game for him and his friends.

So I thought for a second, and told him I had to go check, but I would be back in a minute. I know this guy on the back street who has a restaurant, and he has a TV, and I know he has the NFL Network, because I have seen him watching the Broncos, his team, play.  So I went and asked if it was all right if I brought some Cowboys fans over from the beach to watch the game at his place.  I told him they would not be eating or anything, but they would give him a tip, and would that be alright.  He said sure.

When the game was about to come on, I took them to the little place across from Primos grocery store, and got them settled in.  They took their beers with them, and I even took them a bucket of beer over later.

Dean watching his Dallas Cowboys.

Dean watching his Dallas Cowboys.

Cowboy fans in downtown Mahahual.

Cowboy fans in downtown Mahahual.


They watched the Cowboys game, which they won, came back to the beach, finished their day in Mahahual, and then got on their cruise ship.  They thanked me, and give me my tip of course, 10 bucks is 10 bucks, and goes a long way here.  I also went and took care of the guy who let them use his restaurant to watch the game without buying anything, (which you don’t see much in the USA}.  Everybody was happy, just another day in paradise.

Another side note on the day, it was also the finals in my fantasy football league.  I was in the finals, and I had to make a decision whether to start Ezekiel Elliot of the Dallas Cowboys or another running back on my roster.  I had Elliot on the bench, but Dean the Dallas Cowboy expert, told me I should start Elliot because he was going for the record. So I thought about it for a minute, and it was getting close to the roster deadline time, so I got out my Samsung and tried to change my lineup and put Elliot for the Cowboys in.  I tried and tried but I could not get an internet signal, so I could not change my lineup.  I was glad I could not get a signal, because Elliot did not play, and got no points, and the running back from Denver I started in place of Elliot, Booker, got 22 points, and I won my league.  If I had started Elliot, I would have lost my league championship.  So not being able to get an internet signal saved me from myself, and Cowboy fan Dean’s advice.


2016 League Champion!

Costa Maya Mayans
Owner(s): stewart rogers
Regular Season Record: 12-1

So just another day in my life in the Paradise known as Mahahual.
Thanks for reading,
Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

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