Business Opportunities in Mahahual

I have getting asked this a lot lately. I think people are wanting to get out of the USA, and start a business here in Mahahual. 2 ships in town, so I am off, but I thought I would repost this today.

Costa Maya Mahahual

I get a lot of questions from people inquiring about business opportunities here in Mahahual.  I get emails and questions on this blog from expats wanting to go into business here in Mahahual.  A lot of people are fed up with the system in the USA, and are looking to get out and start over.

When people ask me about going into business, I always tell them, the best business to have is something that the Mexicans here can’t do, or something that caters to future expats.

Currently there are not a whole lot of expats from the USA in business here.  Steve from the Tropicante, Tina from Cabello Blanco, Evan from Nacioanal Beach Club, and Otto from the internet company, are about the only expats from the USA I can think of currently doing business in Mahahual.

I know there are several resorts like Maya Chan, Mayan Beach Gardens…

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