No Snow in Mahahual, 82 Degrees and Sunny

I got up this morning and saw all my Facebook friends posts from my hometown of Greenville, South Carolina, and all the snow and sleet that fell there last night.  I thought to myself, I sure do not miss that.  Today here at the moment in Mahahual it is 82 degrees and the sun is shining, like it does almost every day here.

So this morning I sitting here in shorts and t-shirt getting ready to go to the beach, while my family and friends in Greenville, South Carolina are cold, and have  sleet and snow. This photo is for everybody up north in all the cold weather.  I do not envy you at all.  I never want to be cold again.

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

No sleet and snow here, just sand

No sleet and snow here, just sand

3 thoughts on “No Snow in Mahahual, 82 Degrees and Sunny

  1. Lol…no snow here in Toronto Canada…1st bout of winter I’ve had in 4 years ! Need your guidance…want to explore Mexico and muhahaual…explore opening a snorkl adventure Center there… I’d like to find a comfortable but inexpensive room or studio for 2-3 months to rent. Can you refer me to someone? Grateful as always and keep the posts them!

  2. Steve Heide says:

    Here at Simple Simons Pizza in Onalaska, Texas about 1 hour north of Houston on Lake Livingston, we woke up to 22 degrees this morning. The entire city of Livingston is without power with another hard freeze predicted for tonight. We know other folks all over the country are struggling with weather related issues but here, homes and trailers are not well insulated and most people depend on electric heat so our situation is very dangerous

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