Questions and Comments Mahahual January 2017

It has been very busy down here during holiday season, so I am a little behind on this section, “Questions and Comments”.  I try to do this once a month, but I think I missed December.  So here are my latest questions and comments I have gotten on this blog.

As usual, I will do the questions first, and answer them, and then post comments.

“I was wondering about that topic lately. Thanks for sharing.

Any sources you can give me for cooking authentic Mexican food?”

There are a lot of websites that are dedicated to authentic Mexican food, try Google or look for a cook book.  Tons of sources out there.

“Do you have any problems with ciguatera poisoning in the fish caught in the area? I’m heading down there in January and my fishing friends are scaring me to death about eating any of the fish caught in the reefs.”

No problems here, I eat fish here every day. Don’t listen to your friends.

“What is the status of this development as of Christmas 2016 please?”

This question is about new housing development in Mahahual that lists houses at $155,000.  One house has been built, and others are starting construction.

“What are the current times that the ADO leaves Playa for Mahahual? Is it daily?”

Yes it is daily. Times are 8am, 11am, and 4pm, I believe, you might want to check on exact times.

“I came down 3 months ago with a flight arriving Cancun at 0930. I arrive PDC by 1130 and had to wait for the 4:30 bus. I was thinking there has to be a better way? That doesn’t involve changing collectives every few towns. You see lots of buses on hwy 307. Probably out of the main Cancun terminal heading to Chetumal but I do wonder if there is a more frequent bus direct from Cancun to Mahahual? ”

“Nice blog..good info amigo. Exploring a small business opportunity there…looking for a studio or small apartment to rent for 3-4 months. Ang suggestions?”

Nothing to rent at the moment anywhere in town.  I checked with several places for some other blog readers.  I cannot even find something long-term for myself.  No room in Mahahual this winter.

“Hola Stewart–what do you think the odds are for another cruiseport down by Puerto Angel?”

None, nada, the is an expansion of current port planned to include another dock. None, they are going to expand current port. Only natural passage through reef.

“I always enjoy your blog.can you direct me to the community Facebook page I’m going to be living there next winter and I want to look at what it’s about.”

One good community Facebook group here is Unidos por un Mahahual.

“Lol…no snow here in Toronto Canada…1st bout of winter I’ve had in 4 years ! Need your guidance…want to explore Mexico and muhahaual…explore opening a snorkl adventure Center there… I’d like to find a comfortable but inexpensive room or studio for 2-3 months to rent. Can you refer me to someone? Grateful as always and keep the posts them!”

Nothing for rent at moment.  Your best bet is to come down and scout around, is the best advice I can give you.

“Stewart, I have question regarding asylum in Mexico – remember reading but cannot find again. Is there an email for you I can use. Many thanks.”

The article is in archives of this blog.  If you need more in-depth information I suggest you contact my friend  Milly Arceo at  She is an Immigration Specialist in Playa del Carmen.  She used to work for immigration, so she knows what she is doing.  I talked to her today, and she is going to handle some thing for me.  Just tell her Stewart sent you, she can give you all the details and options.


And now the latest comments.

“Very interesting I came here about 15 years ago to pdc. Have been back and forth. And totally agree with you I am English American but am much happier here iin Mexico. Of course I have lived in foreign countries most of my life. Fi will friend you. Intend coming up there soon to visit. Enjoy every day to the full as I do.”

“How about a PATRIOTS hat and a can of spam ! LOL !”

“Red Snapper, beautiful, great fish for ceviche. Try fresh conch for a delicacy ceviche delight or shrimp or crab meat if available, All good!”

“Sounds like the acidity in ceviche helps to supplement low stomach acid, as well as making the protein easier to digest by ‘pre-digesting’ it. That’s a good tip.”

“Great information We are planning on retiring and looking now for beach front property.”

“The Mexican military engineer invented the fusil mondragon, the first semi auto rifle on the world, and a few cannons that has been used all over the world.”

“This is a great article and sums up the entire and what I refer to as, the south of Tulum experience. From a selfish point of view, I hate to see articles like this, I saw the same thing happen to the Florida Keys from the late 70s to the 2005 era, not good. Not good meaning the entire article is true, Mahahual is wonderful, the Keys used to be wonderful and I do not want to see Mahahual go the route of complete commercialization and ruin the beauty of: No Shoes, No Shirts, No Problem.”

“I couldn’t describe our future life together any better, this is what we and probably 99% of the population needs in the USA. Toss in health that doesn’t bankrupt you and it is what I would call as good as it ever is going to get. Love You”

“Congratulations! That is a huge achievement! I love Costa Maya and just recently traveled on a cruise there. Check out my recap at

“The schedule appears inaccurate. We will be in costa maya on january 26.”

“Wish I was there! We got 6to 9 inches in Boston, MA”


Mahahual, Mexican Caribbean.

Mahahual, Mexican Caribbean.

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina







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