How to meet locals in Mexico and make new friends.

How to meet locals when

travelling in Mexico.

Do you have thoughts of coming to Mexico and a beautiful latino/latina will sweep you off your feet and take you out for a drink or something to eat? Or be out partying with locals all night? But when you actually travel, the only locals you talk to are the people in the hotels and restaurants?? Well we’re going to change that!

Believe it or not, speaking English is your biggest asset. If you speak some Spanish you may find it easier to start a conversation, but so many people in Mexico are learning English and want to practice with you.

It is actually quiet easy to meet locals. The old fashion way in talking to people, or with the way the world works these days, use the internet!

The old fashion way

Remember as a foreigner in Mexico, you’re different. And you’re interesting. People actually want to meet and chat with you.

Talk, talk, talk.  Say Hello or Hola to everybody. Even just a Hello or Hola in a shop, cafe or bar can be the beginning of a new friendship or being invited out with their friends and meeting new people.

Asking people on the street some questions is a great way to start a conversation. Ask people for directions. Where is a great place to eat? Good coffee? A good bar? They’re great ways to initiate a conversation.

Maybe you’re a bit shy to talk if you don’t speak Spanish, but the reality is, most of the younger generation know a little, if not a lot of English. They will speak to you in all the English they know to continue the conversation. You just need to begin with a simple Hola or question.

Get out there, put a smile on your face and see how you go. You’ll be surprised.

Or just have a couple of beers first and head out to a bar. Alcohol always gets everybody chatting 🙂


Using the internet to make new friends

You have a world of friends at your fingertips. On your phone, or computer, you just don’t know them yet.

When meeting anybody from the internet for the first time, be careful. There’s lots of beautiful people in this world, but unfortunately, a few bad ones. Always meet people in a public place.

MeetupMeetup is an app to meet up with groups of people who plan activities. I’ve been to a couple meet ups in Mexico city and met lots of great people. It may be a language exchange, dancing, dinner, chess, book club, hiking. There is something for everybody. This app is more popular in bigger cities.

CouchsurfingCouchsurfing is the worldwide travelling community. They often have events planned on any given day. Or search locals in the area who want to go out for a coffee or beer. Be sure that the people you meet have lots of references so you know they a genuine.

HellotalkHellotalk is a community for learning languages. Search for people learning english close by and get chatting. Then you can organise to catch up for a coffee.

Facebook – Search Facebook groups and events in the area that you are. There are often groups meeting up. I joined a group that meets up every Saturday to practice languages and have been going most Saturdays for a year now and have made some friendships for life.

Tinder – Download the worlds number one dating app. Tinder is a great tool for meeting new people even for friendships. State that you are just looking for friendship first up if thats all you are looking for.

Good luck meting your new Mexican friends. It’s going to be a lot of fun!

Happy Travels!!


Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

One thought on “How to meet locals in Mexico and make new friends.

  1. Marc Rovin says:

    This is an excellent post. With the advent of social media and the internet so many people, especially Millenials dont know how to make friends the old fashioned way. English and being a gringo IS the best asset you have here assuming you’re respectful. Its exactly how Stewart described for me being new here in Mahahuañ. Just talking to people yields friendships here in Mexico much more than in the USA.

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