Where I Get My Laundry Done in Mahahual

If you need your clothes cleaned, or some laundry done on while you are in Mahahual, I got the place for you.  It is the Lavanderia Mahahual right behind Crazy Lobster, directly off the malecon.

My new laundry place, right off the malecon.

My new laundry place, right off the malecon.

I have been taking my clothes to get washed there since last summer, and they always do a good job.  I have been getting my clothes done in Mahahual for a long time, but these girls are the best I have found so far.

When I first got to Mahahual, I used to use several other places to get my clothes done, and it was always an adventure.  Sometimes I would get extra clothes and socks with my clothes when I got them washed.  One time I got an extra pair of shorts back from another laundry I used, and as I was riding my bike down the malecon, someone called me and told me I was wearing their shorts.  True story, they got mixed up at the laundry, and I just happened to put them on because all my other clothes were dirty.

So far,  I have not had any problems since I have been using Lavanderia Mahahual.  I have also not gotten any clothes back with rust stains, like I did sometimes in the past. They do a very good job with my laundry, and it always comes back smelling nice.

This is how I get my laundry here  not my name, just "Gringo"

This is how I get my laundry here not my name, just “Gringo”

The prices are very good there also, 20 pesos a kilo, or 30 pesos a kilo, if you need a rush job.  They are open seven days a week, from 7am to around 8 or 9pm.  They are also very friendly and helpful, and they have a brisk business.  You just drop it off, and pick up the next day.

They have been cleaning all my Gamecocks clothes and attire, and I have no complaints at all.  I just ride up on my bike, drop my clothes off, and pick them up the next day, folded, and smelling good.  So go by check them out, tell them the Gringo sent you.

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

2 thoughts on “Where I Get My Laundry Done in Mahahual

  1. Reta says:

    Hi! We’re now in Mahahual and went looking for this lavanderia. Is it the one attached to a hostel or the one other side of the street of Krazy Lobster?
    Thanks for all the information you provide, trying to follow as many tips as we can!

  2. Hi Reta. Stuart, the old author of this blog, wrote that post so I am not sure exactly which one it is. It seems like it is right behind the crazy lobster like he said but it may not even be there anymore as businesses like that come and go quite easily here. If you are having trouble finding it, it may be gone. There is a new one directly across the street from Nacional Beach Club, beside Tucano. It is easy to find

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