Super Bowl Bash at Padrino in Mahahual

The height of the social season for me and some of the other expats here, is the Super Bowl party at Padrino.  I go every year, and I usually bring some expats with me.  Sunday night I had a section reserved for me and some people, and there was a big crowd.

Big crowd at Padrino for the Super Bowl.

Big crowd at Padrino for the Super Bowl.

Padrino always has a great party for the Super Bowl here.  They had specials like chicken wings, nachos, hamburgers, and other Super Bowl football food.  They have a lot of TVs so you a good view of the game, they also have the only  big screen projection television in Mahahual.

Super Bowl on the projection TV.

Super Bowl on the projection TV.

I was there pulling for the Atalanta Falcons, the NFL team of my youth.  I was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and because my father was an Army officer we moved to Hawaii, Japan, and then Germany. I spent most of my early years outside the USA, and did not actually move a hometown in the USA.  When my father went to Vietnam, we moved to North Georgia, Ringgold in fact, and lived there.  It was close to my mother and father’s relatives in Rossville, Ga. and Chattanooga.  Up until them living in Germany during the 60s, all I really heard about football was the Green Bay Packers.  I lived on army bases with no TV or USA radio, all I knew was what I read.

When we moved to North Georgia the Atlanta Falcons had been around for a couple of years, and every in Georgia of course were Falcons fans.  So when I started playing football I became a Falcons fan in North Georgia.  These were the years of Tommy Nobbis, Harmon Wages, and the kicker Bobby Etter, who went to my father’s high school in Chattanooga, and his father Red, coached my father.  The Falcons were never good in those days, and never went to the playoffs.

When my father got back from Vietnam we moved to Greenville, South Carolina.  There were a lot of Falcons fans in Greenville, so I fit right in.  In those days the Falcons did their training camp at Furman University in Greenville.  When I was in high school playing football, we used to go watch the Falcons practice and scrimmage, and try to get autographs, jerseys, hats, anything with Falcons on it.  This was the 70s, and yes, the Falcons were still not that good, and never went to the playoffs.

Since the Falcons were no good, when I went to college, I became a Pittsburg Steelers fan and started following them during their glory days in the 70s.  I hated the Dallas Cowboys then, and always have, so I loved it when the Steelers beat the Cowboys in the Super Bowls in the 70s. So in college, still a Falcons fan, go to some games, follow them, but still not much winning.

After I got out of college I became a Green Bay Packers, and kind of forgot about the Falcons, when the Carolina Panthers came into existence.  The first season of the Carolina Panthers they played all their home games at Clemson University, until their stadium in Charlotte, North Carolina was completed.  This was only about 30 miles from my home in Greenville, so we got season tickets that year, and went to the home games.

It was a great time going to those early games and I became a fan.  I went to the very first Panther game in Atlanta versus the Falcons in the Georgia Dome.  It was 1995 I think, and I got an autograph from Jerry Richardson, and I got to sit in his VIP section.  So since 1995 I have not been a Falcons fan, or followed them much.  Again they never won much.

So I tried to get enthusiastic about the Falcons being in the Super Bowl this year, but for some reason I just could not jump full on board, because they were playing the Patriots.  So anyway I put of my Georgia Bulldog hat, same as Falcons colors, the only thing I have from Georgia.  I also met one of my blog readers there, Rusty Wright a former judge from south Georgia, and he is a Falcons fan, who has been in town for a couple of weeks.  So were the only two people in Padrino with any Georgia connection I think, pulling for the Falcons it seemed like.

There were also a lot of other expats there that have discovered Mahahual through this blog enjoying themselves.  People kept buying me beers every time I turned around.  I kind of mingled around and socialized during the game. It was a great time except for the ending of the game.

A lot of the expats here smoke, so a lot of them, go outside of Padrino to smoke during parts of the game.  I was outside talking to some of them, pretty buzzed, when the Patriots started their comeback.  We all rushed back inside, and caught the end of the game, and everyone was just amazed at the comeback.  So my one day of being a Falcons fans again, did not turn out so well.  So last year I watched the Carolina Panthers lose the Super Bowl at Padrino, and this year I watched the Falcons choke.

Regardless of the outcome, it was a great time at Padrino for the Super Bowl, and it is every year.  I just wish one of my teams would win ever now and then.  Padrino is a great place for dinner and drinks  and is the best sports bar in Mahahual.

Plenty of room for football at Padrino.

Plenty of room for football at Padrino.

So if you want to check out a sports bar while you are in Mahahual, go check out Padrino. They have a full service bar, good food, and sports and entertainment all the time.

Best place to watch football in Mahahual.

Best place to watch football in Mahahual.

You can go to their Facebook page for more information, just hit their link on this block.  It has the hours, location, and specials information.

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

2 thoughts on “Super Bowl Bash at Padrino in Mahahual

  1. Jim hurley says:

    That’s funny Stewart because 2 years ago you were a Patriots fan when they stole the game away from Green Bay . I wish I was a fly on the wall there watching all your faces when the Pats marched back and showed the world what a great team they really are ! And when Atlantas owner and his wife went down on the field a little prematurely the look on their faces was truly priceless !! Of course being from Boston I loved every second of that one .

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