Mahahual Transportation Update

ADO bus station on 5th Ave. in Playa del Carmen.

ADO bus station on 5th Ave. in Playa del Carmen.

Just a quick update on the bus and transportation situation in Mahahaul today.  I get questions all the time about to get to and from Mahahual.  So here is a current update from a blog reader of mine, who is in town for a couple of months.  He sent me this message after traveling back to Cancun to meet his wife.

“Hola Stewart! Getting from Mahahual to Playa del Carmen — So I go down to the bus station opposite the ball field, a/k/a “Shuttle Bus Taxi Tour” and there’s nothing about anything to Playa–it’s all collectivos to Chetumal. Of course you can get to FCP and so on, but…
So with me standing there looking stupid, the lady kindly sends me off to the ADO stop, which is right near Loncheria Primo, as near as I can tell. So I’m looking and looking…when the 10:30 ADO bus pulls up right outside Hotel Mexico Lindo. The driver points me across the street to the liquor store, where there’s something taped up on the window about ADO. Sure enough the lady at the register prints me a ticket for tomorrow’s 10:30 to Playa, MX$342. Sorted!
The a.m. busses are at 7:30, 10:30, 12:30.”

This is from Shed Guy who also has a blog, and is staying here for a while.  So this is he current updated info on how to get a shuttle to Cancun or Playa del Carmen.

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina


3 thoughts on “Mahahual Transportation Update

  1. Ian says: what’s the price is $US dollars to playa del Carmen? Articles indicates $MX342..does this mean pesos?

  2. maureen still says:

    hello, i have enjoyed reading your blog. i will be coming to costa maya and have a few questions. could i please get your email address? Thank you, Maureen

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