Latest Mahahual Quips and Thoughts

When I first lived in Belize 7 years ago, I started a blog there  I basically started it so people could read about my experiences living in Belize.  What I would do a lot of times, is to post something on Facebook, so I could remember it, and write about it later.  It was kind of my way of keeping a journal.

So when I came to Mahahual to live, we decided to start this blog, so I don’t spend much time on my Belize blog anymore.  On that blog, I just threw a bunch of quips and thoughts out sometimes.  I don’t do that much anymore now, but today I thought I would throw out some thoughts and quips I have written lately on Facebook.


True story before I forget. The other day I was sitting on the malecon, when some people from South Carolina came up to me because they saw my Gamecock hat and shirt. They were asking me the usual questions about here, and they told me they had just got back from a dune buggy tour. They said they thought they would get to see some nature on their tour, and especially an up close look at an iguana for their kids to see. They said they saw nothing, and the tour cost them $400 for 4 people, them and their kids. We talked for a while, and as they were leaving to go back to the ship, I looked down, and an iguana had come out and was laying underneath  the table to get out of the sun. I called the people back, and pointed down to the iguana, just sitting there, not 3 feet from me. Their eyes got big, they whipped out their cameras, and took photos of it. The kids were happy, they were happy, so I then told them as they were leaving, “See I could have saved you $400.”

I just had sushi delivered here. Not bad, it was only 50 pesos, California rolls. We now have sushi delivery in Mahahual, cool.

You know, I have kind of figured out why I hate Trump and his racist minions so much. Mexico has been good to me. The Mexican people have been good to me, and have treated me better here than we treat Mexicans in the USA. It pisses me off when people in the USA and Trump trashes them, they do not know what they are talking about. I live, work, eat, around Mexicans every day, I have no problems. They are nice, cordial and friendly people, if you lived among them like me, you would know that.

I have now been in Mexico for 6 years, in exile, I arrived Feb.1, 2011.

Question for the day….Is Atlanta, Georgia a sports “Choke-town?” One major championship in almost 60 years in major sports. Braves choked in the World Series in the 90s, Falcons choked last Sunday, Hawks never won anything.

Heading out to Padrinos for the Super Bowl. Pulling for the Atlanta Falcons, the team of my youth. Funny can’t get all jacked up about the Falcons. Since this is the year of Trump, and cheating and deceit, the Patriots are much better at that then the Falcons, so they will probably win. But Go Falcons, anyway. I got my Georgia hat on, same colors as the Falcons.

I just realized, I am a political refugee living in exile in Mexico.

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina


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