Another Blogger in Bacalar

I have discovered that there is another person from the USA that has a blog down here, and she lives in Bacalar.  I think they are from Texas.  She follows my blog, and I just caught a glimpse of her blog, and she writes about living here also.  I thought some of you might be interested, so I am going to share an example of the blog today.

About Dos Tortas

Some things come together in life to create a perfect storm. In our case, it was a perfect rainbow. In spring 2012, my friend and co-worker Karen invited me to her retirement party. There she rolled out plans for the home she and her husband Skip were building in Tulum, Mexico. We followed their journey through email and Facebook, the finished pictures of their home were inspirational. Lisa and I, aka Dos Tortas, have been world travelers for years, asking ourselves the question, “Could we live here?” This is the chronicle of how and why Dos Tortas chose Bacalar, Mexico for our retirement location and the story of making the BIG move from our home of many years in Austin, Texas and adjusting to the life of a Mexican immigrant. After two years, our house is complete. Lisa’s mother Alice join us in the winter of 2015. She has her own little casita. Why the name “Dos Tortas” you ask? It is reclaimed from misogynist Mexican slang. A torta is literally a sandwich or can also mean old, fat, ugly woman OR lesbians. That’s us!

Sometimes the Hardest Things

Are the Most Wonderful

Who knew a week of watercolor painting could be so exhausting? Was it fun? Hell yes! Did I learn a lot? Most definitely.

16th Annual Watercolor Workshop.

16th Annual Watercolor Workshop.

But probably the biggest gift was a chance to immerse myself in a group of women artists for a week. They were my cheerleaders when I felt discouraged. Every evening we gathered with our day’s work for critique. We were vulnerable, sharing our process and self-doubt. How often does that happen? Their suggestions for added color here and more definition there, made my paintings pop and kept me grounded.

Caroline, Kim, Teresa

Caroline, Jo, Teresa

The work we produced was epic. It was painting-on-demand with no chance to walk away for a few days and let things percolate. We were on the clock with a showing on Saturday. As much as I hate it, magic happens under pressure.


The community celebration on Saturday was a multi-cultural event with great music, delicious food, new and old friends and a chance to sell our work. The owner of Aluxes, the hotel where we painted on Wednesday bought almost all the fabulous paintings made of his hotel.

Aluxes Hotel and restaurant, Bacalar

Hotel Aluxes, Bacalar

No one broke even as we turned around and bought each others’ paintings. I may not have a house yet, but when I do, it will be full of memories and Rendezvous beauty.

There was a bidding war for this painting. I loved doing it.

There was a bidding war for this painting. I loved doing it.

Rendezvous entertainment.

Entertainment by Escenario Libre

Finding the words to wrap up the week’s workshop fails me. Painting was the medium for the connection, which if you think about it, is the truth about life in general. It’s always about loving each other first, is it not? From that base life can be really lived. What a fabulous lesson brought home by this wonderful experience and these lovely women.

Thank you all for leaping with me.

Thank you all for leaping with me.


Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

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