My Unique Experience with Dolphins

I had a memory come up on my Facebook page this morning.  It is from four years ago when I worked at the port.  I had forgotten all about this experience until I read it again this morning.  I do not think I shared this on this blog in the past, so I am going to share today.

Dolphin pools at Costa Maya Port.

Dolphin pools at Costa Maya Port.

I had a unique experience today. I was at work today and I had to go to the port to move some things around and so I took an ATV there. On the weekends when there is no cruise ship in town the port is practically deserted. Well I was there all by myself and I remembered someone asked me what they did with the dolphins when the port was not open, and did they keep them all penned up or take them somewhere else. Well I decided to check it out for myself today when no one was around. I snuck over to the “Swim with Dolphins” pool to see if I could see anything. Well I walked up to the lagoon type pool that they have here for the dolphins and leaned over and before I knew it 2 dolphins jumped up and came to the side and let me hang over the side of the pool and pet them, I don’t think I was supposed to but I did anyway, and then 2 more dolphins came over and wanted me to pet them. I hung around for a couple of minutes and watched them jump around and play just for my benefit, and damn I did not have a camera. I was all alone and so were they and they seemed like they wanted me to stay and hang out with them. I swear they are smart and almost seem like they knew what I was thinking. It was great being alone and having a once in a lifetime experience with some of the natures most precious creatures.

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

One thought on “My Unique Experience with Dolphins

  1. Steve Heide says:

    Great Post. Here is another dolphin experience for you that happened to me while I still lived in the Florida Keys. I was in my boat alone, on the Bay Side of the Keys at the Channel 2 Cut. I decided to take a few minutes to watch the beautiful Bay Sunset in the Keys. I turned off the motors for the silence and laid down on the bow to watch the sunset, I didn’t anchor, just drifting. I dozed off in the warm sun and during my snooze, the tide which had been slack turned to outgoing. My boat was moving in the channel towards the old bridge with me sound asleep. In my sleep I heard this noise that woke me up, a high pitched noise. When I looked around and realized I was headed for the concrete abutments supporting the old bridge, I jumped up to start the motors and move out of harms way. Too my amazement, a dolphin was right next to the boat watching me. Did the dolphin alert me, I don’t know for sure but I have always felt, that noise I heard was a dolphins squeaky pitch when I replay that event in my head

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