Questions and Comments about Mahahual February 2017


Time for this month’s comments and questions section.  These are the latest comments and questions I have received on this blog.  I try to do this once a month.  People have told me they like reading all the questions and comments I get.  So first the questions, then the comments.

“Nice blog..good info amigo. Exploring a small business opportunity there…looking for a studio or small apartment to rent for 3-4 months. Ang suggestions?”

None at the moment.  We have a rental property shortage in Mahahual at the moment, not enough long-term rentals.

“I always enjoy your blog.can you direct me to the community Facebook page I’m going to be living there next winter and I want to look at what it’s about”

I am a member of Unidos por Mahahual on Facebook, it has a lot of good information, and it is all local.  You should check it out.

“Hola Stewart–what do you think the odds are for another cruiseport down by Puerto Angel?”

None, they are going to expand current port. Only natural passage through reef.

“Lol…no snow here in Toronto Canada…1st bout of winter I’ve had in 4 years ! Need your guidance…want to explore Mexico and muhahaual…explore opening a snorkl adventure Center there… I’d like to find a comfortable but inexpensive room or studio for 2-3 months to rent. Can you refer me to someone? Grateful as always and keep the posts them!”

Let me know when you are coming, I will see what I can find. email me.

“Stewart – This is Jim . I was in Mahahaul in early December with my wife Barb. I would like to come down again by myself. Can you tell me if Kay Kook could accommodate me from the last of Jan. until the beginning of Mar., and if so what the rate would be? Also, could I rent or buy a bike there for that time period? I saw hotel pictures on this site & it looks fine for me. I’m looking for inexpensive accommodations with some exercise,fresh air, & warm weather. Can you tell the guys at Tropicante that Jaime said hello & is hoping to see them again. Thanks- Jim”

Get in touch with me, and I will see what I can do.

“Stewart, I have question regarding asylum in Mexico – remember reading but cannot find again. Is there an email for you I can use. Many thanks.”

You can contact Legally in Mexico, Milly my friend can handle it for you.  There are a lot of people inquiring now.

“Where is the best place closest to out to the Wild monkeys that I can get to by bus?”

At the moment I would say Belize or maybe Chiapas.  I will check on that.

“are there any bikini / swimwear shops there in Mahahual?”

Not at the moment, there are several places that sell clothes, but not exclusive only swim wear and bikinis.  That would be a good idea for a business here.

“we are travelling to Cancun this week and due to dietary restrictions we need to bring some poultry. I understand we cannot bring any home cooked meat but how about raw frozen chicken and ground beef vacuum packed and labeled .
Please advise ,
Thank you”

I did a blog on this and you can find it in the archives, there is also a website you can check out.

“Where is the best place in Mahahual to beach snorkel? We have a small group of snorkelers and non-snorkelers and were looking at Pez Quadro and Almaplena Eco Resort so the non-snorkelers would have a place to lounge while we snorkel…..but we are open to any other suggestions.”

I would recommend Almaplena because it is a long way from town, and all the tourists. Better snorkeling south of town.

“hello, i have enjoyed reading your blog. i will be coming to costa maya and have a few questions. could i please get your email address? Thank you,”

Just send me an email, or give me a call.  My number is 983-134-6898.

Those were the questions, now some comments.

“Great Post. Here is another dolphin experience for you that happened to me while I still lived in the Florida Keys. I was in my boat alone, on the Bay Side of the Keys at the Channel 2 Cut. I decided to take a few minutes to watch the beautiful Bay Sunset in the Keys. I turned off the motors for the silence and laid down on the bow to watch the sunset, I didn’t anchor, just drifting. I dozed off in the warm sun and during my snooze, the tide which had been slack turned to outgoing. My boat was moving in the channel towards the old bridge with me sound asleep. In my sleep I heard this noise that woke me up, a high pitched noise. When I looked around and realized I was headed for the concrete abutments supporting the old bridge, I jumped up to start the motors and move out of harms way. Too my amazement, a dolphin was right next to the boat watching me. Did the dolphin alert me, I don’t know for sure but I have always felt, that noise I heard was a dolphins squeaky pitch when I replay that event in my head”

Good story, thanks for sharing.

“Hey Stewart, met you Feb.8. we talked about a rental, I’m following you now. Thanks John”

“ what’s the price is $US dollars to playa del Carmen? Articles indicates $MX342..does this mean pesos?”

Yes in pesos, exchange rate is around 19 pesos for US dollar.

“I so wish the comments about funds from the US retirement accounts being non taxable were true however, Payments from Pension or IRA’s are taxable in the US and so is social security if you have enough income to make them taxable.”

“That’s funny Stewart because 2 years ago you were a Patriots fan when they stole the game away from Green Bay . I wish I was a fly on the wall there watching all your faces when the Pats marched back and showed the world what a great team they really are ! And when Atlantas owner and his wife went down on the field a little prematurely the look on their faces was truly priceless !! Of course being from Boston I loved every second of that one.”

“Read every post…never been to Mayamahual but a dear friend suggested i visit and consider opening a Snorkl Adventure Centre there..grateful to connect, introduce myself and learn more about this mystical place you blog about.”

Comment from another expat.

“I date beautiful women, go out for dinner and do not have to pay IMSS or medicines. I think your figures are to high, I am single and live like a king in Chetumal for $US 950 a month.Even have $$ to go on vacation occationally. I have maid service and a restaurant prepares all my three meals 6 days a week,”

“Nice post Stewart..personal and thats what makes it a great story…thanks for sharing. Hope to connect one day and shoot the shit beachside.”

“Hi Stewart. Thank you so much for including Sin Duda Villas in your wonderful and informative blog. You are very generous! We appreciate.
Fondly ~”

“great article Stewart !”

“Absolutely fantastic and spot on as usual brother. Thanks for sharing such a profound and useful message.”

“Wow. When we left Mahahual after the Dios de los Muertos celebration this past November, one of these critters was on the road to 307 about 5k from the Costs Maya roundabout. I thought it was a Capybara but I see I was wrong. Very interesting, thank you, never knew these cute little critters even existed.”

“Good choices. I live in Bacalar. Y’all would hate it. Stay home 😂”

“I appreciate your blog when there are no politics involved.”

I do too, I will try to stay away from politics.

“This is an excellent post. With the advent of social media and the internet so many people, especially Millenials dont know how to make friends the old fashioned way. English and being a gringo IS the best asset you have here assuming you’re respectful. Its exactly how Stewart described for me being new here in Mahahuañ. Just talking to people yields friendships here in Mexico much more than in the USA.”

“The sadness of what the US is rapidly becoming and rapidly may not be accurate, light speed may be more like it is mind boggling. Stewart, please try to make Mahahual less appealing to the Gringos like me, not exactly like me but Gringos none the less. Myself and my wife are looking for sanctuary and escape from what is now Herr Troomp’s new kingdom/Reich. No shoes, no shirt, no problem, wonderful health care at affordable prices, wonderful people who epitomize the often used term, “family values,” wonderful organic food because all of the food is organic or cage free or swimming in unpolluted waters. Oops, now I am doing it, don’t believe anything I just wrote!”

“Was through Mahahual on Sunday and ate fish at El Castillo down the road a piece. That road toward Xcalak is horrible. 🤢”

“Here Gropenfuerher Troomp cannot stop cruise ships from coming to Costa Maya. International Maritime Law prevents that from happening. As the US moves into the 4th Reich, there will be challenges. See you in April and please post your blog with the information on the young lady who has a business that helps with visa and resident visas.”
From outside Mexico: +1 914 331 1146| English From Mexico: 01 984 157 5589| Español Contact me on Skype: milly_herrera

“Very informative!! Thanks for posting”

“There goes the neighborhood! If enough American gringos start buying and moving to Mexico and bring their typical American gringo attitudes with them, the same attitudes and thought processes that got Herr Gropenfuerher Troomp elected, the Mexicans will build a wall to prevent us from coming.”

“Lmao, this is too funny! 55 at 11a??!!”

“Wish I was there! We got 6to 9 inches in Boston, MA”

“Here at Simple Simons Pizza in Onalaska, Texas about 1 hour north of Houston on Lake Livingston, we woke up to 22 degrees this morning. The entire city of Livingston is without power with another hard freeze predicted for tonight. We know other folks all over the country are struggling with weather related issues but here, homes and trailers are not well insulated and most people depend on electric heat so our situation is very dangerous.”

“Lol…no snow here in Toronto Canada…1st bout of winter I’ve had in 4 years ! Need your guidance…want to explore Mexico and muhahaual…explore opening a snorkl adventure Center there… I’d like to find a comfortable but inexpensive room or studio for 2-3 months to rent. Can you refer me to someone? Grateful as always and keep the posts them!”

So those were this month’s comments and questions.

Note:  If any of you are coming to town and want to look me up, please do not go by the Tropicante looking for me.  I  will have my place on the malecon soon, so you can find me there.  If you want to meet me when you come to Mahahual, get in touch with me, and I will find you.

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina



4 thoughts on “Questions and Comments about Mahahual February 2017

  1. John Begovich says:

    Thanks Stewart,
    Great information. This gringo does not seek to exploit, but to coexist without a footprint. No preconceived expectations, no politics, no decisions other than when and where to eat. No threat to anyone’s groove, just trying to find my own.
    John (Michigan)

  2. Hola Stewart, just back from Playa (and a week in Coz–nice) where I got some parts for the beater bike, a new rear gearshift, about U$33 at Biciplaya II. These guys rebuild bikes all day long — got a huge inventory.

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