Just Another Saturday in Mahahual

I had a very interesting day yesterday, one probably that is only unique to Mahahual.  I stated my day with some French Canadians, had lunch with an author from Australia, then met my first Trump victim, and ended the day talking with some people here from Belize. That is what I like about Mahahual, lots of different and interesting people that come here. And what was also unique, all of these people read my blog, and they came to Mahahual because of me.

About four years ago, I was sitting by the pool in Playa del Carmen, and I met this French Canadian woman who was staying with a friend of hers there.  She is a novelist from Canada, and has had books published.  We got to talking, and I told her I lived in Mahahual, and I described it to her.  She had never heard of Mahahual, and decided she wanted to see it.

So we decided we would take a trip from Playa del Carmen, and I would show the two of them around Mahahual.  I even wrote a story about our adventure on this blog several years back.  We went to Bacalar, and stayed in Mahahual for a couple of days.  We stayed on the malecon, and I took them several places.  They had a great time and Lilli, the novelist, fell in love with Mahahual.  So for the last three years she has been coming to Mahahual and staying a couple of months in the winter.

Lilli and her husband Roger on the beach.  2 French canadians in mahahual.

Lilli and her husband Roger on the beach. 2 French Canadians in Mahahual.

She has brought her husband with her the last several years, and I think he likes it here also.  Since I met her, she reads this blog, and follows what is going on in Mahahual.  Her husband is leaving and has to go back to Canada, but Lilli is staying for a month or so longer, and is going to do some sight-seeing.

So yesterday morning, I stopped by to see them, and say good-bye to her husband Roger until next year.  We talked for a while, I met another French Canadian.  I answered some questions for them about Merida, and gave them some suggestions on places to stay and things to see.

For lunch I met Roderick, an Australian author who is staying up near Uvero Beach. Roderick reads this blog, and that is how I met him last summer.  He contacted about helping him find a long-term rental, so he could get some writing done down here.  We looked, and could not find anything for him to rent, but he did luck up and find a cool caretakers gig on the beach north of here.

He originally brought an American friend with him to help out, but I don’t think his friend liked the solace and living in the jungle.  His friend also found the life here hard to adapt to, so he skedaddled back up north, we don’t think he will be back.  Roderick is trying to get a book published, and we had a nice lunch discussing writing.  I need to find a way to get some of my stuff in a book.

Roderick has a couple of weeks off from his caretaking job, so he is either going to visit Merida, or Mexico City.  I suggested Merida one of my favorite places, and gave him some tips about the city.  He is heading out Monday.  I like talking to Australian chaps, they are interesting.

After that I ran in to an American contractor here that is doing some work here on condos on the beach.  I met him on his way to Belize a year or so ago, I told him how Mahahual has a future, and some of the horrors of Belize.  He went to Belize and came back, and lets just say, he has decided to open a contracting business here in Mahahual.  We talked he showed me a pool he has just built, and I gave him some maps of New Mahahual and lots that are available.  I will have more on the contracting and building company later.

When I finished chatting with him, I went to check in with a Mexican friend of mine, who has a shop on the malecon for cruise ship tourists.  He needs some more Mango Moonshine for his shop, so I worked out a deal where he can trade some pigs for some moonshine and liquor.  The moonshine guy needs some pigs, so we traded moonshine for pigs.  Now that is a story right out of the mountains of North Carolina or South Carolina, trading pigs for booze.

While I was there I met my first Trump victim, a Mexican man from a village near here, freshly deported.  He told me his story, he was caught driving without a license, and ICE came and scooped him up, and deported him.  He has a wife and still two children in Virginia, and has worked and lived in the USA for years.  He now has to find a way to get them down here.  He is a contractor, and even had his own business in Virginia on the side.

I gave him the card of the American contractor I had just talked to, and told him to check with him, he probably had some work for him.  The Mexican guy told me he is not going back, and has decided it is not worth it to live in the USA now if you are a Mexican.  I asked him besides his family, what will he miss most about the USA.  He told me the “$18.00” an hour, plus overtime he would miss the most, plus he loved the work he was doing.  He speaks very good English, so he should not have any trouble finding work here.

On my bike ride home at the end of the day from downtown Mahahual, a lot of times I will take a break at the lighthouse.  It is one of my favorite places in Mahahual, I just park my bike, sit on a bench and watch the world go by.  There is always a great breeze there, and I like to see the cruise ships come and go.  I have met a lot of people just sitting there.

Yesterday at the end of the day, I was sitting there at around 5pm or so, when I noticed a car with Belize license plates pull up.  I just sat there and watched four white people get out of the van, and start to walk around and look at the lighthouse and enjoy the view.  So I am just sitting there on the bench minding my own business, the only one sitting on a bench.

I knew these people were expats from Belize, I could tell by how they talked and acted.  So after a while of me sitting there, one of the women walks up to me and asks, “You would not happen to be the guy who writes the blog about living here, that used to live in Corozal, Belize, are you?”  I said, “Yes, I am”  She then started to tell me, she reads my blog, and she knows like ten or fifteen people who have left Belize and moved to Caldaritas and Mahahual because of my blog.

She then told me I was not too popular with a lot of expats in Belize, because of my blog. She also said that everything i wrote about Belize is true, and her and her friends were in Mahahual scouting around to maybe live here in the future.  She said is getting bad in Belize.  She also told me they had been looking around for me, and wanted to meet me before they head back to Belize.  I gave them some information, answered some questions, and they said they would keep in touch.  They then loaded back into the van, and headed back to Belize.

Just another Saturday in the life of a blog writer in Mahahual.

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina




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