Los Dos Locos Cocina Fina, Mahahual


We have a new business in Mahahual, and a new/old way to prepare your meals, boil it in a bag.  I remember in my youth before there were microwaves in every home, my mother used to buy frozen meals like Salisbury steak, Stouffer’s spaghetti, and things like that for us to eat.  They were in bags and frozen, and all you did was boil some water and pop the bags in.  I played sports, and I was always coming and going in high school, so I would boil a bag of Salisbury steak, and pour it over some bread, it was quick and easy, and in those days, it was about all you had.

So I was surprised a couple of weeks ago when I discovered a new business here, that is now making complete boil in the bag meals.  I had several of them this past week and they were good.  There are not a lot of microwaves on the Mexican Caribbean, but everybody has a pot and a way to boil water.  I took mine up to the roof and boiled mine in the kitchen we have there at my hotel, K’ay Kay.

I had gaucho chili one day, Bourbon BBQ the next, and last night I finished off my stash with some baked beans and burritos.  It was perfect size and portion for me, and perfect bachelor food.  I was on the roof the other night boiling some water in a pot, and a Mexican woman was standing there, and she could not believe I just dropped a bag in the water, and that was my meal.  She had never seen that before, and I had to explain the concept to her, in Spanish.

Los Dos Loos was started by a local expat here Amanda Zenil and her husband.  She manages some beach properties on the road south of Mahahual on the way to Xcalak, Casa Playa Maya. Now remember Los Dos Locos is not a restaurant, but you can order and have it picked up.

They started the “Fresh Food on the Fly” concept because they know that people who live here full and part-time can get tired of the same options that are available here, (don’t I know it).  They have heard expats complaining that after many years of living here in this Paradise … there are *Tired of the FooD*! (her words)

Amanda told me she understands that not everyone likes to cook every meal, every day and going out to dinner can be an ordeal, especially when you live a ways out-of-town  and/or on a bumpy beach road. She found that people LOVE to have a local option that makes it super easy to prepare yummy meals for themselves, family & friends. (bulk packaging is available).

Amanda and her husband  have always loved traveling and trying the local foods. With his Polish~American self mixed up with her Mexican~American blood, they like to come up with fresh new recipe ideas to Happy~Up [& sometimes Completely~Confuze] your Tasty Buds! ( her words)

Besides some regional favorites, their menu can include a wide international scope from Polish to Indian, Asian, Italian, classics from Central Mexico (what I grew up with) along with Comfort Foods like Mama used to make. They welcome input on your ideas of menu options. Is there something that you’ve been hankerin’ for? Please let them KnOW!  (again her words)

Amanda Zenil and her husband Richard.

Amanda Zenil and her husband Richard.

In an attempt to reduce the plastic factor of it all …. they are beginning to offer meals in aluminum trays, which can be re-heated in the oven or in a pan of simmering water. They are also in the “test kitchen” with their canning jars for many of their soups and sauces. The bottled items will be priced to include a refundable deposit, to cover that additional expense.

They are priced as a Swanky~in~Town Restaurant. They hope that the convenience of not having to look for your flip~flops or to leave them a tip, will entice you to try some  of their meals.  here is a copy of the latest menu.

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If you are interested in trying some cuisine from Los Dos Locos, they are in Chiara’s Maha Deli, behind Ya Ya beach of the malecon in Mahahual, or you can order direct from them.  All their information is on the sample menu I enclosed in this article.  They are also on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/losdoslocoscocinafina/

So if you are in Mahahual, and are tired of the same old cuisine options here in Mahahual, check out Los Dos Locos, and try some of their unique food.

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

2 thoughts on “Los Dos Locos Cocina Fina, Mahahual

  1. Ian says:

    As always brother great info. Timely and well written. The more I read your posts the more I’m drawn, like many others have been, to mahahaula.

    Hope to head there in October for the winter..open Snorkl adventures Mahahaula and experience the food this couple is offering.

    Question? Do they accept back the aluminium serving trays, cleaned, once used? As an advocate of reducing and ridding the oceans of plastic I’m thrilled with their serving choice!

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