You Don’t Need a Car in Mahahual

Costa Maya Mahahual

Mahahual malecon.

One of my favorite aspects of my life here in Mahahual is, I don’t need to own a car to get around.  I ride a bike every where, do all my errands, and shop on my bike.

I don’t have to pay for gas, car insurance, car maintenance, oil, and all the other upkeep expenses that come with owning a car.  All I have to worry about now is keeping air in my tires, and oiling my bike chain every now and then, and I love it.

If I never own or drive a car again I will be happy.  I used to hate all the time I used to spend in a car when I lived in the USA.  I hated my daily commute to work, and I hated spending a couple of hours a day driving back and forth to work, and running errands.  Here I enjoy my…

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