Sushi Delivery in Mahahual

I know you are thinking to yourself….”How can Mahahual have sushi delivery”?, it only has 2,000 residents in the whole community.  Well I learned last night we have sushi delivery here, and it is quite good sushi.  My sushi delivered last night only cost me 50 pesos, and it came with chopsticks, ginger, and wasabi. I called it in, and it only took around 20 minutes to get it here.  When you eat out in Mahahual it takes you 20 minutes to get your check, much less getting sushi delivered in under 30  minutes.

It is almost baseball season which means time to draft my fantasy baseball teams.  I had one of my fantasy baseball drafts last night, and it got to be around 7:00 pm, and I started to get hungry.  I still had another hour or two to go in my draft, so I could not run out and get anything, so I started thinking about my delivery options.  I decided against pizza or anything like that, then I remembered a post I saw in Unidos por Mahahual earlier in the afternoon, which advertised sushi delivery.  I had her sushi before, and it was good, so I decided to call out for sushi and have it delivered.

Here is the information for sushi delivery here in Mahahual.

A partir de las 12 SUSHI!!!
Camarón,salmón,atún,pollo teriyaky,vegetación y veganos.
Rollos fríos y empanizados o envueltos en mango,haz tu propia combinación
Charola con 10 pzas $50 pesos
Chesse cake con fresas $35 la rebanada
Servicio a domicilio
Pedidos al 9831256064/9831265194

Image may contain: food

Image may contain: sushi, food and indoor

Image may contain: food

I have not tried the cheesecake yet but it looks good.

So I called in my order for sushi last night, it got here quick, and I did not miss a single pick in my baseball draft.  I just ran up front, got it, and was back to my baseball draft. I ate my sushi during my draft, and did not miss a beat.  Another fact I also like was, it only cost me 50 pesos, it was quick, and it was perfect size for me.

So if you are looking for a change, and are wanting to try some sushi here in Mahahual, give them a call.  I really like the sushi they have, and might get it again tonight.  The information to order is listed above.

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

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