My Music at K’ay Kook Hotel

K’ay Kook Hotel, Barrio Cinco-Cinco, Mahahual.

I got the best compliment an old white guy from South Carolina can probably get in Mexico.  The other day as I was leaving my place to go into town, the wife of the owner of the hotel where I am staying now, told me she loved to listen to my music while she cleaned up in the halls and around the hotel.  To me that is a great compliment, because my music tastes are far out there, but more on that in a minute.

First some backdrop for this story.  For some reason for as long as I remember, I like to listen to music while I write, always have, even goes back to college.  For some reason I seem to write better while listening to music.  I also like my music loud, I think that comes from all my years working at discos and night clubs in my youth.

So when I write this blog and other things, I always listen to loud music, gets me in the mood.  So when I am writing my blog here at the hotel in the mornings, I listen to my music.  I usually start my day with answering emails, and other things, and then around 9am or so I start to write my daily blog here.

By time I sit down to do my blog, most of the other people who live at the hotel also, have gone off to work at the port or wherever, so I usually have the place to myself.  So I get in my groove and start writing, and become oblivious to what is going on around me, kind of like a zone, kind of like I am now.  It is about 11am here now, the place is quiet, except for my music blaring in the halls.

Now when I write my blog, I only listen to old stuff, I mean really old stuff.  I listen to old country ( not new), soul music, R&B, rock and roll, and even some Mexican stuff.  What I do is I go to You Tube and play “My Mix”, and it plays all my favorites.  “My Mix” can go from Ray Charles all the way to Coldplay.  I just put it on that, and I start hitting the keyboard.  I thought I was the only one listening, but come to find out I have been entertaining several people here at the hotel.  Of course to be an expat, you have to always have Jimmy Buffett on your playlist.

I remember when I lived in the condo in Playa del Carmen a while back during the summers.  I don’t remember how many times the security guard came by and asked me to turn down my music.  That has happened several other places I have lived in the past. That is why I like living here at the K’ay Kook.  I got me a room in the back away from everybody, and I can play my music as I like.  I never play my music loud at nights, only when I am writing this blog, in the morning before lunch.

The is also another woman who works here also, and she knows when my music is loud I am working, as she calls it.  I have been playing my music before, and I stepped out into the hall and caught her dancing to my music as she swept the floor.  I have asked several people here if my music bothered them, and they said they had no problem with it.

What I find fascinating is, they like my music, the music of a 58-year-old country boy,  Army brat from South Carolina.  I mean I listen to very wide diverse style of music, I don’t know what you would call it.  I even listen to beach music, which probably no Mexican has ever heard before.  I listen to oldies from the 50s and 60s, soul music form the 70s and 80s, Elvis, Waylon and Willie, Isley Brothers, George Strait, and many others.  I don’t like “rap”, new country, or any music past the 1990s.

For instance while I have been writing this article I have been listening to Willie Nelson and Ray Charles “Seven Spanish Angels”, “Beyond the Sea” by Bobby Darin, Meatloaf “Two out of Three Ain’t Bad”, ELO “Hold on Tight”, Steve Earl “Copperhead Road”,  Soggy Bottom Boys “A Man of Constant Sorrow”, Chairman of the Board “Gone Fishing”, Rehab “Sitting at the Bar”,  “Amarillo by Morning” by George Strait, and many others.  Right now the song is the old “Stars on 45s”, a real oldie.

There are a bunch of other artists and songs that I listen to each morning, I was just surprised of how many locals here liked my music.  A lot of locals here and other Mexicans I have noticed, love oldies music from the USA.  On the beach here at the beach clubs, you always hear 70s and 80s music form the USA being played.

This is what I am listening to now.

It really surprises me the response to my music here at the hotel, because everybody else I know in the USA hates my taste in music.  I guess that is why I like Mexico, I can be stuck in time here as far as my music.  A couple of weeks ago I was playing my music on the weekend in my room during a fantasy baseball draft, and I stepped outside to go get some ice, and there were 3 or 4 Mexican teenage girls sitting out in the hall listening to my music.  To an old codger like me, that is a compliment, that young teenage Mexican women would like my music.

And one final song for my friends in Belize.

So to wrap it up, getting a compliment on my music is the best thing an old white guy like me living in Mahahual and Mexico can get in my eyes.  So I think me and my music will stay in Mahahual for quite a while.


Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina



One thought on “My Music at K’ay Kook Hotel

  1. Nice post Richard…music tells a story…what we play and listen to often reflects who we are..sounds like an old soul that dances to the beat of his own music. More people should try it. Cheers brother.

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