European Back Packer Time of Year in Mahahual, Mexico

I did a post yesterday with some photos of some hippies coming through Mahahual, and I got several questions and comments. I forget sometimes that I am constantly getting new readers on this blog, and maybe have not read any of my past articles about life here. I got one question asking what is the “European Hippie Back Pack Tour”, I have mentioned in several posts. So I went in the archives and found a story I did about that 3 years or so ago. So here is the answer to that question. They are not necessarily “hippies” in the true sense, I just don’t know how else to describe them.
They have long hair, don’t bathe much, live communally, don’t work much, just to eat, and fit all the criteria that I learned about hippies growing up in the 60s. I know when they walk by on the malecon, all the Mexicans here say “hippie” under their breaths, so that is the term I adopted. I mean they have no political agenda, like hippies in the USA, just the lifestyle. I have met a bunch of them, nice people, just different.

Costa Maya Mahahual

This time of year in Mahahual and through out Quintana Roo and Mexico, backpackers from Europe descend on the area.  Young men and women from all over Europe visit Mexico a lot during the months of May and June.  A lot of Europeans choose to travel through Mexico and other parts of Central America after they get out of school, or take a vacation from their jobs.  They fly into Cancun usually and embark south for places like Tulum, Bacalar, Playa del Carmen, and even Mahahual.

They have back packs and usually stay in hostels, or camp out along the way.  Most of the European backpackers stay for a couple of months, and try to see and experience as much as they can during their travels.  A lot are attracted by the Mayan ruins, while some just love Mexico’s beaches and the natural beauty and friendly people.  They start off…

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